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The Nazca lines are a
sea map of all islands
of the Maori world.

An interesting Silvertrouser
kite film

A Cervia 2011
film that 190000 have seen.

My ecohouse

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Got fine comments. 60 sold in one week.
Art is not the oil painting on the wall.

Art is the item you love and honour
with all your soul and body

or represents the thing you love.

With unique

Things look wild,
but are based on facts.
The aim is not to get rich,
but to solve problems.
The house like a village.    
The village is the basis        
of human society. So        
utilize this.
After driving for some hour in the Andean desert, suddenly we saw a guanaco.
This is India. The street in Ahmedabad.
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The flying ship.

The enormous train through Asia.

and our garden.
Kati, my wife has done most work in it.
This rose only exists in Monet´s and my garden. It was saved from Wormö where it was  planted in 1940.

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The invisible dragons ruling man.

Can society be concidered a biotope.
Enjoyment is not measured with money -
so what should we use as currency.
Among the first faraohs were women faraohs.

Life is for living and not for work.

What is religion.

How could politics develope in the future.
What can you do to save the Earth.
Mårten Bondestam is author of this page.  Who is he?








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This sculpture moves all the time like it is breathing and the colours change.
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god city planning.
Is there another contact
system in the world than
particles moving.

 Populated areas are  
 on South East coasts.

Compare the two maps
The "Gyrotower".                             The small home like a paradise. For a
As a satellite, keeping                 good life with little space. Like Adam and
direction all the time.                   and Eve.

The artrium high rise building. Everybody has a garden and a view
to the sea. Land use is effective.

- People walk maximum 300 meters.
- In the city centre should be a bus station.
- Familys with children like private houses.
- The way to school must not mix with
- The city centre must be tight and high
  a concentration of services and   
- Houses for old people shall be high
  and fireproof. In the city centre they will 
  easiest meet relatives and get services.
- Green areas shall connect houses to 

Even a high price destroys nature.
To earn that money you have to go far by
train or by car, that produces CO2. And the
room you work in is heated and you need electricity. Thus CO2 is produced.

Support groups and projects that
struggle to save the earth.
Give them much money and
participate in demonstrations.

Cities around the world have smog and
millions of cars. This cannot continue.


Any moment somebody clever
will invent a system to detonate a
nuke from far away.
This is statistically evident.

Take contact: or mobile +358 505 176 454.
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Ethnic culture influences
Every detail is logically studied.
Here are the basic ideas for all architects.

It´s ideas
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The errors in English will be corrected by
"Using things" is in Swedish emphasizing
the subject. In English this cannot be said
properly so you say
"when you use
emphasizing YOU.
And that was not
my intension to say.