The journey to Sala
We went from Finland with a very modern ferry. It uses metan gas instead of oil.
Olle Nessle my friend had died. We were a group of kite enthusiasts who were invited to take care of Olles kites. In a way the meeting was very sad. Here we could see what will be left after us when we die. The art we have done will be spread out and forgotten.
The journey was full of wonderful experiences. We came from Kirkkonummi near Helsinki to Stockholm and from there we visited at first Skokloster castle. 
The routes are not exactly as drawn, but somehow.

I remember that this figure has been shown in some scientific work.
On the way to Skokloster we visited a small church and graveyard.
The graves are much moore vivid than
graves in Finland. Many of these graves
would be prohibited in Finland. The photo is
a new trend. It is from ceramic color.

To write only "MOTHER" without any name is rather special.
The area where ashes are spread out. Don´t step on it.
A lovely wooden cross.
A cross from hardest steel!
Just a piece of wood. No name.
Even the Skokloster church is full of decorations.