The flying ferry
Airplanes destroy the atmosphere. Instead there might be
low flying airplanes of the type the Russians had on the Black Sea. But they can be further developed so they look
like ferries. However they can move up to 800 km/hour.
If such a vehicle is driven by a water propeller (turbine)
the energy needed could perhaps be still less. Such crafts
will land in special harbors and they will not fly over land.
They might be dangerous for other ships. But that is not
so sure. Navigation on the sea needs anyhow to be totally
electronic with similar systems the airplanes use.

The ship route around Asia is too long. So when there are
large plains in Central Asia, these can be used by a huge
However this hovercraft has tight sides where air will not escape. There are also a kind of rails making the seams
really tight. Thus there is not needed very much power
keeping the craft up from the ground. From these rails the land ship will get electricity. And there are wheels for
driving the craft.
The area between the rails can be rather natural and
can thus be cheap. The rails are not carrying the craft
and are thus of a light construction with easy foundations.
Thus the system should be cheap.

The Continental Land Ship
The route can be seen on this draft map. The main
line goes to China. And in a "World Center"
somewhere near Samarkand there will go
lines to all continents except the American continents.

As the center really will be very important, it could
be the site of the coming United Nations. The place of
this center is in a critical point where many nations
in turmoil are nearby. By developing this World Center
and concentrating the interests of the surrounding
nations here, the local problems can be forgotten and
all work can be concentrated in the development of
this biggest center of the world. Participants should be
people from all nations.

The Kite Satellite
The wind is stronger higher up. Utilizing this feature you can make a kite fly with the wind. You can have a light parachute far down working like a brake or an anchor.
The kite system will fly higher and higher up.
Probably this system can function at such altitudes which
are not easily studied with other means. It is higher up than
balloons go and lover than satellites go.

Utilizing this method there can be a passenger system.
Instead of a parachute there is a sledge kite which is
known to have a steep angle of sail to wind. Thus this
sledge kite will work like a brake, but also it will help
to carry the load.
By pulling different lines, the system can steer in
different directions, but not against the wind. With
such a system it is possible to arrange passenger traffic
only using the power of wind.
However there are problems starting from the ground.
May be the cabin must have a motor and a propeller to
make the start and the landing more controlled.

Messages from the Universe
I invented a system to play what might be recorded on old pots.
By using many separate laser beams moving side by side
the mashine will find the
common signal and separate away all
the signals from sand and such.

Now scientists have listened to signals from the sky telling us
that there are intelligent beings somewhere out there. But with
no success.

How about listening with different wavelengths and separating
out when there are the same signals on different wavelengths.
Or at different time. Say some second later another signal.
And so forth. This way all disturbing noise can be selected
away and the faint meaningful signal will be enhanced.

This method seems so evident that I am sure it is used
all around the Universe.
Wild ideas
The sling satellite
The method to collect information from the universe: No culture in the
universe dare send unscrambled information widely. Man is like an
idiot - just waiting to be all killed by others. Out in the universe the
law of the stronger holds. And the stronger always expands and the
weak cultures diasappear. Cultures are all parts of a large system.

A very huge population area vill benefit
from the train.
Shorter transports can be with trucks.
Most of Russias natural resources will
be in contact with this train.
The system is needed to generate work for
people when oil, gas and coal can not be
sold as they destroy the climate.

In South Korea they have constructed a boat for
some 20 people which hasings and flies one meter
abowe the water with high speed.

It is now in normal use. We will see bigger ones
after some time.

The land ship will open  up areas in southern Russia for
activities and new economy. This is important as
Russian economy is very dependant on oil, gas and coal.
As all these must be limited, then new industrial activities are needed.