Ahmedabad, India
Arrival in Delhi 9.1.2009
Go fast through the pages.
They are 18 with 300 photos,
selected giving a viev of the
world for spoiled Europeans.

smog in Delhi
kill yourself
We selected a cheap hotel for one night.
Kati waiting for hours for a room.
The kitchen floor was made of tarmac
and even the washing up table for dishes
was from tarmac.
We only ate one cooked egg each.

my kites on top
cold morning - going to airport
Departure to Ahmedabad, from Delhi airport
oh - which one is my flight
mashine gun
at airport

Arrival in Ahmedabad in the evening. A big dinner was arranged.
From the bus and on the kitefield on day one.
Look at the Pariser wheel homemade for four.
The loudspeakers are
for wedding seremonies