This project was called The Professor's House. You enter
through two automatic doors which work like the shutter of
a camera. Inside is a machine taking care of your clothes.

In front of you is a pool where your beautiful wife or husband stands in the water like a Venus or Mars. To the right is the living room.

In front of you in the living room is a wall with panels to
control a lot of machines like a home theater, a food preparing machine and computer systems.
Behind the panel is a machine room for every kind of machine. The facade of the machine room is of glass and the machines make objects move like a sculpture by Calder.

The large area to the right is a hall where private sleeping
rooms can be moved around. The outer wall is made up of
elements containing souvenirs from around the world.

At the left of the entrance is a large hobby room where you can even maintain your yacht.
There are no stairs, but the floors descend in steps, and not too steep. In picture exaggerated.
The lifts are on the outside with sculptural forms.

The fire safety is based on two spirals within each other. And at the
middle are fireproof doors for evacuation, and communication.

The lifts are situated so they could function also when the house is on fire.

A very simplified elegant office building.

The problem has been: either private housing with garden or high rise housing.

This is the house where everybody has a garden.  A high rise garden house.

Where efficiency is 20 times of a private house and 4 times higher than of a common high rise house. 

Where cars are on the bottom floor and all space outdoor is garden and green park.

Where there is common maintenance of the house. You need not do things yourself.

Where there is safety with a reception at the bottom as in a hotel. And the entrance is like
in a five star hotel.

The house is well adapted to the landscape.
The Professor´s House
The high rise atrium house
The function of rooms are studied and extremely accurate.