Better Kites is a kind of basic kite book - on all continents.
Waterproof covers. Pocket size. 128 pages. Building instructions
for 90 different kites. Printed in the year 2000. Still up-to-date for
many years.

The sentence "better kites" refers to the aim of the book to exhibit 
kites which are easier to build than the standard models. In most
cases the number of sticks to use are less or non.

The author has experimented with sometimes up to 20 experimental
models in order to find the optimal version. He has also used thin
plastic in many models and straw as sticks.
This way the kites are cheap. However the flying line might cost a lot.

You can order it from It costs 20 euros and postalfees.

The two most common kites. There is a photo, an instructive drawing and a list of icons telling how it flies, how to transpor the kite and how long it takes to make.
There is also the name and a short description in English and Finnish.
The kite to the left is from a shopping bag and flies well in little wind.
The box lite is good for harder winds. On flew in so hard wind that
three men had to hold the line.
There are many advices of how to fly kites. Like here: What to do if
the kite lands in a tree or the line breaks. And to the left advice how to
get the kite up in the air. Also the important rule: When the kite crashes - let the line loose and the kite will land softly.
As you see: The book is very useful. Order it from