The Dragon Book
The Europeans have wrongly understood the meaning of
the Chinese dragon. They were not fairy tale flying
crocodiles but symbols of some strong power ruling the people.

This power we today call ideologies and religions. The
Chinese have many different dragons.

The dragons are just like biological animals, but with no
physical bodies. Instead they live in the brains of people.
They fight each other and the strongest will survive. They
have no intention to care about people's well being, but
just their own well being. They mainly want to have as many
member brains to live in as possible. But this is not always
true. Dragons get children. These are like the original
dragon but some developed and are better accustomed to
new situations.

When knowing that humanity is ruled by dragons, we should
try to tame these dragons and utilize them for our own
purposes. A good strong dragon could be the foundation of a
new political party or the basis for a lucky humanity
without wars or irrational dangerous behaviour. Studying
the common manners of dragons is very important science.

Also it is now possible to change warfare from killing
people to fighting the dragons themselves.    

Looking at things like religions, political parties and states
makes the thesis about dragons very obvious. We can clearly see how they have common dragon features.

The "great religions" are dragons. Kapitalism is a dragon.
Nationalism and rasism are dragons. New dragons arise even from stubborn groups of scientists.

Science differ from religions as every claim must be
possible to repeat and proove. And science allows new
truths to overtake old ones. 

The systems of maffias and of similar groups are also
like dragons. The aim is not to love people but to
obey the rules, the dragons.