Cone kites by Mårten Bondestam
At Long Beach, Washington
february 2005
Miniature model of a
private house and
a kite for
taking people up
for landscape view.
Workshop version
The Macho Kite has
male properties
in opposition to most
very female kites.
It is partly made of an
old military heavy tent

The light shines through
the Woman in Love.

The original one and my summerhouse. As you see:
My summerhouse is only
3 times 3 meters.
Workshop in Oulu Finland.
It got bronze price in
Weifang, China.

It has flown in the Andes on 3 km high up
and on Crete, Nord Cap,  England, Italy,
Forth Worden and
Worlds End in the USA.

I got the idea that a husband´s flag (normal on summerhouses´
flagstaffs) could be made as a kite. That was sometimes in about 1988.

In Helsinki Kati, my wife, and I tried with big, black plastic tubes
in the park. They never flew, but we had much joy with the crazy
monsters rolling on the ground and never flying.

But one day I went again to the park and had two briddle lines like
they are on a soft sled fixed on the bottom side at left and right
side. Bur what happened - the "sled" flew up and down and was stable. Stable with the briddles fixed to the top side!!!  So there is
no logic. It just works.

At my summer house I then developed the kite cutting and fixing
the briddle until it flew well.