Some kites for the beginner.
Kite from a bread envelope.
Take a plastic envelope for bread.
Cut away part of the bottom and leve that part hanging like a tail.
Use a stick and push two holes throug the plastic envelope
so they are symmetrically placed.
Fix the ends of a short line to both holes.
Fix a flying line att the exact middle of the first line.
Fly it.
A delta without a keel.
This is a real high flyer.
Try to make the kite exactly from the drawing.
All the sticks are fixed through holes into pockets. You dont need even any tape.
But if you don´t understand, then use tape.
All the spars are on the top side. The flying line is on the bottom side.
The horisontal spar shall be loose from the sail, but not very loose.
Make it very symmetrical,
Buy a thin fishin line.
Fly the kite high up. You will enjoy it.
A thaisnake.
This is a small and beautiful kite. Make it colorful and not heavy.
A flying cone
Make the cone kite from thin plastic foil.
Fix the bridles with some strong system with tapes.
Experiment with the bridles untill it flies well. At first it will not fly well.
Fix a weight down at the back.
Don´t use any streamers or tails. They make it unstable.
On a small kite, fix two small sticks (drinking straws) on the sail as shown.
A sledge with windtubes
You can cut a plastic bag.
 16 cm
7 cm
Try it although it looks complicated. Once you know how to make it, it is esy.
The kite when ready.