Vehicle: A motorcycle size rocketsatellite. The dresses are anyhow good
               enough as shelter.
Costs: 1/1000 of the costs for American luxury vehicles.
Mission: Found a Finnish colony on the north pole on the moon, for
               continuous occupation.
Support:  No support. Self sufficient for generations.
Location: Near the ice in the Amundsen crater.
Crew: Some Finns, male and women. They are happy to be alone.

At the beginning there will be dug a grotto for shelter.
Then there will be constructed a large sunmirror for heating.
The sunmirror is used to melt down moonsand to a glasslike material.
The grotto is constructed airtight with an air lock.
Dresses hang outside holes in the wall. You dress by crawling into the
dress from inside.
The stert from the Earth is the biggest danger. Then there is a great danger
when landing, and still a bigger danger before airtight constructions are
ready. The amount of air and food might be very small. After that dangers
are like on earth.
The house:
Most of the house is greenery and the ceiling is transparent. Made from
melted sand.
All must be produced from
material available on the moon.
The dress is from very thin
It is clumsy, but there is no alternative.
Traveling around. A map of best roads.
The vehicle has a panel with water. There is a steam turbine. To the
dress is combined a solar panel that produces oxygen from CO2 by
cels from greens.
The light into the crater comes from super light kites which mirror
the visible light down. Hard rays will pass by above the crater.
I wrote this plan about 1964, when no water still was found on the moon.