Archeology continued
The South East Coast influence in archeology.
When looking for archeological sites anywhere in the world the
South East Coast influence should be utilizsed. It has had influence
on man in all times in spite of cultures and economic facts. When a
site seems to be a possible living area because of the SEC influence
then it is good to look for archelogical items.
How to really save museum objects
 for eternity.
Objects will not last very long in museums. The material will oxidice
slowly. Plastics are slowly degrading to ash. Any light will make
colours faint. So saving archelogical items is a big problem.

Important items should be stored in conserving gas and darknes
and saved from any shaking of the constructions.

The storage must be safe from enemy attacs. The first thing an
enemy tries to do is to destroy the history.

The information of archelogical items should be presented in copies
in many places. If copies are concentrated in one place then enemies
can easily destroy them all. Written and similar information should be
stored on material that will last. Paper is short lived. Computer data
are still shorter lived.

The very aim is to set up standards that will keep the archeological
information for thousands of years. There is also the problem with
houligan governments which in order to spare money destroy
museums. That happened in Denmark where the right winged
government spread out all the important items of the world famous
museum to small stores around the country where items degenerate.
The spreding of cultures by
different means.

There are two schools. The ones who claim all development has spread
out from former sites and the one who claim that cultural inventions are
done everywhere again and again.
The system might be more complicated:
- One idea might easily spread very long distances. And then generate
other ideas and items in separate places. These "second" ideas might
from basic possibilities become very similar.
- Culture might spread just by contacts or by physical travels.
- There seems to be special characters that are accepted everywhere
like entertainers and market men with wanted items.
- There also seems to boundaries betwen tribes which are enemies to eachother.
The Maori legends and culture as reflected in Peru
The Maoris sailed such long ways that they must have reached Peru.
Thre is the chicken bone from Southamerica which is from before
Columbus and has DNA same as hens in Polynesia.
There is the clothing with a single mantle from the southern tip of  the Americas.
The governing of Chanchan in Peru had a curious system of administration.
It was divided in several districts with fences betwen. May be an administration
used by the Maori navy. As they were gathered at Tahiti when Cook came there.
The list might be long. Written texts claim the coast of Peru has suffered from
many earthquakes and sunamies so archelogical sites might be out in the ocean.
There is a legend among Maoris that one Maori man traveled all the way to Antarctic
and returned. The same legend is written in the Nazca lines.
A theory of the Easter Island texts and culture
There exists a book with pictures from southern Asia. Among these
pictures is one from a grotto at the banks of the Mekong river.
In the picture are the same birds and longear gods that were
found on the Easter Island.

On the Easter Island are also found wooden planks with old writing
that looks like the very old texts found in som archeological site
in India.

My theory is that some Indian monks long ago have fled from
India and landed on the Easter Island. They had with them the
found items. The planks with texts might be from an Indian
temple fake holly texts copied from old ones.  
The old texts in a cave in the middle of Tanzania
Once I traveled by train in Tanzania. My cabin mate on the train
was a priest student going to a priest school near Tabora. He
told me that in the mountain half way to Tabora there are caves.
And in these caves there are old texts. Nobody has studied them.
Somebody should now go and see.
The development of mans careful fingers
This is somewhat equivoque. The careful fingers and hands of
man have been one main feature creating the very competent man.
So we make tools and use them. But how did these
careful fingers and hands develope. My proposal is that males
who could handle women gently with their hands easier
became fathers. And thus the careful hand was inherited to us.