Moore architecture
This is the Galaxoid.
It is man's largest room
of architecture.
It is the space surrounded
by other nearby stars,
in which the Sun ( SOL )
system is in the middle
of  the room.
It just happens that all
the other nearby stars
are double or triplet
The roads out from the sun system. There are five roads to investigate. The idea is to use suitable planets near other stars, when colonizing the space -
as man will do in future: ROSS 248, ALTAIR, LALANDE 126 PSILON, SIRIUS, LALANDE 21185. Lalande 126 might be the most possible.
This is a rotating restaurant. It is a huge gyro.
It is supported only in one point.

The gyro stands far up in the north and the axis of the gyro is parallel to earth axis. This way it will not wobble to the sides.

You enter in the middle and walk to the sides.
As the gyro turns around you will sit with your feet upwards once per turn.
It might be a jolly place to have drinks.

The weight of the tower is big enough to make it rotate for hours without power.
If something fails there are extra supporting beams that will move up. 

The philosophy behind this is: It is like a satellite. Selfsufficient for its stability.
Only supported in one point.
A consert hall with special accoustics
To get enough people hearing an orchestra you
normally need reflecting surfaces behind and on
the sides of the audience.

But how if you manage to squeeze the audience
near to the orchestra. Most experiments have
failed. But here using the ceiling as a changeable
reflector you can get any acoustics you want.

From a long after echo to no echo. Even during
the performance. The possibilities and the intimate
room gives more than any concert hall before.

What is man?

Within this world of living things -
man is a clumsy giant.
However planning housing for man
could be done at the scale all
nature is.