A system for changing and developing governments

The future state.
The government with the ministries try to be a brain for the country.
By developing some good compu´ter programs, decisions can be very much better.
By having elections the governments try to collect the opinion of the people. However
people can and should be much more involved. There need to be ways to get the
opinion of people often and on many kind of matters.

Development of government means changes.
The existing government might be morally and for the
future of the country unacceptable.
This should be overturned by legal means, in cooperation
with police and courts and based on  new scientific findings
of what governing is in fact and what the ruling forces really
aim at not knowing what they do.

The studies and work to overturn a government should be
a standard function in all governing systems.
Only that way there can be development and new better governing.
Today the opposition can take over through elections and make
changes. However this is a slow and ineffective system. Most times
the opposition is bound to the system and all will continue as before.
The election of a new government is only a part of the
system of change. When marketing means have developed
so far that 75% of people totally vote as they are made to
vote then there is not true democracy any more.

There are very many possible developments of governing.

A state can be compared to an area in nature where species
fight each other and help each other. They all are dependant
of each other in a dynamic balance.

A state can also be compared to an organism with a brain.
Today we have computers which can evaluate hundreds of
possible combinations of decisions and present the results
with comments of what is emphasized. In this situation of
today human voting is primitive. There must be utilized the
competence of politicians, specialists and all people as a
function combined with the computers. The state becomes
a living organism with all body parts.

As is evident from the texts above the system for changing and developing government is not to the left or to the right of existing parties.

Depending on the ruling party and the existing balance the system for
changing and developing government can be seen to be at the left or
at the right, but that is not so. It is just a machinery for any development.

The system for changing and developing government aims even
at a total change of ruling principles
by studying what is really going on.
Because things are not what they look to be.

All people shall have their say. All people are experts on their own life.
That is not possible in the existing ruling anywhere in the world.

Big changes free forces and bad forces can take over. That is an
important factor. It has happened so many times before.
So this must be avoided.

The system for changing and developing government will not participate in
government as that would inhibit its functions as a means to help
develop and totally change the ways of governing.

added 1.2.2012
There is everywhere needed an opposition with means to crave that
the government for the time being is doing as well as possible for
all people, not some elite or other. When there is no true possibility
to change the government, it will do whatever it likes and not for the
best of of the nation. By stipulating that the number of politicians
craving a change is small enough to take force, the government
is continually forced to listen to the opposition and work in a
parliamentary way.