Slavery in many forms
Slavery is the aim of employers who only care about their profits
and not about their workers.
Slavery is lack of economic freedom.
Slavery is directed taxation on specific population in order to steer
by force their ways of life.
Slavery was the system where employers had free workers with no
rights. So limited rights of workers is a way to slavery.

The women without rights.
In some countries women have no rights and are just property of their men.
In order to get the community function well all people should participate.
Women are different from men, but not inferior to men. And not superior to men.
It might be good to allocate different work to men and women, but the boundary
should be possible to cross in both directions. Women are very good in some
things and men in other things. But neither is more worth.

The economy with minimal wages.
Minimal wages create a population that work more than they should when
remaining healthy and happy. It is not the factory that should prosper. Or the
share holders that should prosper, but the workers. So minimizing product
prizes must aim at other parts than wages.

Not free studies. Loans that must be paid at any means.
There are few ways as effective as to force people with finished studies
to work hard to pay their loans and keep quiet - be the conditions any kind.

Sex business and selling of women.
There is huge economy involved. The sex business is very hidden. People
have sex about three times a week and never show it or speak about it.
The "normal" life goes on like no sex existing. If there were good sex schools
for all wives, husbands and women and men as such, then sex business can
not be a criminal business. There would be no market for that.

Drug addicts.
The drug sellers have their means to catch people into their nets. The
public opinion is halting not accepting facts. So there is constantly a wrong
policy that helps the drug sellers.
One way to solve the problem is to develop a drug that doesn´t make you
dependant of the drug. Or to develop a medicine that stops any kind of
addiction to drugs. It should be possible.

Children forced to study things they don´t want to study.
The school systems think they have to produce some kind of citizens. Who
decides that? Probably school studies can be much easier and healthier.

Patients with no freedom.
When being in a hospital, you are not allowed to go your way. Somehow the
authorities think keeping patients as prisoners is good for them. Also prescribing
medicines is done like people should not be able to decide anything for
themselves - even if they at work a responsible high chiefs. The league
of doctors think they are some kind of beings above all other people.
Many private contacts with doctors have shown that they are rather of
limited value as intellectuals often with conservative opinions totally
not actual today. That comes from their intensive studies that don´t allow
for any social activity with other learned people. Doctors also have such
good salaries and safe work that they seldom can understand the situation
of normal people struggling for incomes.

Old people with no freedom.
Just like patients old people are treated as prisoners.

Minorities with no rights.
In a democratic society majority rules. But in relation to everybody´s varying
interests everybody is a member of some minority group and suffers from
belonging to this minority. So all people suffer within a democratic system.
There should be some means to handle this problem.

Far developed advertizing where people obey
orders to buy or vote.
In elections people don´t vote according to their opinion, but to the opinion
forced on them by advertisements. If the aim is to let people opinions rule
then advertizing in elections should be prohibited and all facts about the
candidates presented evenly by an objective board. Only then it is a democratic ruling.
So any aim to use advertisements in elections strive to erase democracy.