The South East Coast Influence
The South East Coast Influence
By studying a demographic world map and many other maps
I have found that the main population is concentrated on the
South East coasts.
The location of people form a special figure along the coast
and along a corridor inland. The corridor continues until it
strikes a West coast. Then it goes in bows along the coast
to the north. Se the drawing.

On this map you can see in black how large populations
there are on south east coasts. The small dots in red show
population groups on west coasts. They are really very
different from the groups on the south east coasts.

The rule has been studied also on large and small islands.
And it is the same also on these.

The reason for this rule might be the circumstances when
man developed. And it is inherited in man, with no
difference in different cultures.

City planning.
There can be deduced some influence on city planning and
finding areas with possible crisis.

Bad living conditions.
The curious demographic forms are not based on how much
food or work can be generated on an area, so in totally
unsuitable areas there are huge populations and very good
areas for living have small populations. 

As populations spread out along lines in the figure
there are obvious areas of collision between separate figures.