Venus the fate of the Earth
By time Earth will look like Venus if we continue to destroy the nature.
"The roads on Venus"
My observations are just
observations. It is good to
make different interpretations.
Can the "roads" be the seams
when the NASA workers
combined several photos.
Who knows?
The Alpha Regio "pancakes". Upwards from the two in the
middle is the area most studied. A negative picture.
The pancakes are about 20 kilometers wide.
Study the big square picture. The arrows show where
to look for the road. It is very clearly seen. Same area is on
the top picture showing also another road. I can prove they are
roads: They are continuous, have an even width, and aim at
some far goal. They also go up and down hills and remain
their width when passing in angle up a slope. Any stream
cannot do this. Any cracks cannot be like these. There are
many roads like these. One is enough for proof.

Only intelligent beings make roads. The temperature is
over 300 degrees C. But the plates of a stove are that
worm and contain coal. So in right mixtures coal molecules
can stand heat. Or the roads are old from colder times?
The heaps might be the result when underground cities
pump up refuse. In the underground the insulation can
be thick keeping the cities cold.

Venus might 500 million years ago been just like Earth.
In those days the planet was further away from the sun
than now and some cooler.
But "intelligent" beings started expand and make business
destroying everything in nature.
Also the atmosphere was totally destroyed. But the business
went on and the temperature rose to 300 degrees and the
once blue sky became a dense sulfur smoke.
Still the "intelligent" beings lived on. Now deep underground.
Some earth people were informed on this and the warn
about a world with flames and heat and constant suffering
with a master being with horns.

Venus is the warning. If we don´t change our ways of life, then the Earth will become like Venus.
It is also teaching us where to look for intelligent life. We don´t need a planet like earth for life or intelligence.
The story of the Earth
There was once a planet Earth
with green woods and clean

Man built houses and destroyed
nature as fast as he could.

People started to dwell underground.
Shops went underground.
On the ground was bad air and
horrible noise from traffic.

By time all living was far underground
in caves. The atmosphere was sour
and poisonous and nothing could
live there. Earth had got the same
fate as Venus had long ago.

There are other features indicating life or culture.
The big 400 km, "lavaflow" that show up on pictures
flows along the the slopes, with right side much lover
than the left side. A lavaflow would run down a slope.

This flow even runs up the slopes, passing many hills.
No lava flow can do this. If however the flow was
before the slopes were created then the flow going
in angle up a slope would be deformed by the change
of landscape. But the "lavaflow" is very exactly the
same width all the time.

In curves the lavaflow has the same geometry as a
motor road. What is it?

In right angles to the "flow" are "roads" that end
when hitting the "lava flow". The roads are white
on the pictures.

If Venus had culture long ago, then the big road
might have been used. 
Other features:
On the movies made by combining many photos from
the satellite, can be seen a kind of cloudy areas, with
clouds near the ground. Are these clouds some kind of

On the same movies can be seen a tight "cloud" moving.
That might be some kind of "flying/swimming" creatures.

By an accident my copies of the movies have been lost.
One of the big craters is looking like the planet was hit by a
low flying rock. However there are marks of traffic out of
the crater and at the ends of these marks are heaps
unloaded from the "trucks". Such heaps are not created
when debris is slung out of the crater as the marks are not
straight lines.

One of the first pictures from Venus showed a crater
with a long stake of rock pointing abowe the crater,
from the crater side. It resembles a crude radio telescope.
Is it the ruins of such a telescope.
The most fantasiful thought is that Venus once had
intelligent beings. In southern France the police and
a village teacher observed a small green man and
people and cows got very afraid. Can this and his
"flying saucer" be only projections. That is some
kind of 3D television figures. The green man
was about ten cm above the ground and the
"saucer" accelerated like having no weight at all.
Can these observations be the result of some
kind of automatic projections to us from
automatic mashines created millions of years ago
when Venus was inhabitable and very like the
Earth is now.