Buenos Aires in 2011
An old mansion,
a beautiful garden
and a trip in the large delta.

Birds and a kinds of cobra near Salta
San Lorenzo is on the slopes near Salta in Argentina
The river with the condors, near Salta.
Road end at San Lorenzo
On the High Sierra
On the high plain and up in the Andes
To Catchi in the Andes
A lake with a lot of birds
In the forest near Lorenzo
Near Nord Cap in Norway. Text in Spanish.
The kite festival in 2009 in Ahmedabad,
18 pages with 300 photos.

Traveling in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.
Visit to Dholavira an archeological site.

A journey in 1964 to USA
A journey to Sala in Sweden
meeting kite friends.

Going to the kite festival in Weifang, China
Visiting the kite festival in Andalo
This is Finland
The Corbusier´s  house in Marseille
A trip to Estonia
Traveling in Afghanistan in 1973.
My oncle Björn sailed around Cap Horn. Many of his photos are about destroyed.
Cover page with photos
Mårten´s journeys