Name: Mårten Bondestam  (Mår is pronounced like first part of morning)
Born 29.5.1935
Language: Swedish
Father: Birger Bondestam medical doctor.
Mother: Saga Bondestam
Brothers: Sixten medical doctor,  Sören medical doctor
Married with Katarina Colliander. Children: Veronika, Kristoffer and Niklas.
Student from Nya Svenska Läroverket  31.5.1954
Studies in
mathematics at Helsinki University  30.5.1955
Architect examination from Otaniemi Technical University 26.9.1962.
The diploma work was
building economics.
Certificate from The Finnish State Language Committee of total Finnish
language competence 6.5.1970   

Scientific work and studies.
Studies and degree in the Philosophy of science and Ergonomics. 1978
Work on licenciate examen with the thema: The demographic
structures and direction to southeast in the world and locally. 1975
Thesis about the Natca Lines as a Sea Map. 1971 - 2018
Studies about the influence on man by art and architecture.
Studies in computer moving art.
Philosophical studies in mathematics, physics and geometry.
Studies in future architecture and the basics of architecture.
Scientifically developed kites technically and as art.
Developed kites as marionettes and the basics of kites for
schow purposes.
Philosophical studies about the future of man.                   

Physical address in Swedish:  Bobäcksbacken 3, Bobäck, Finland
Physical address in Finnish: Luomanmäki 3, Luoma, Suomi
Post address: 02440 BOBÄCK, Finland
mobile phone. +358505176454

Work at 8 private architecture offices  9.1954  -  6.1970 ( In work certificates mentioned as rich with ideas and initiatives.) The work was city planning.
City planner in Helsinge community 2.1963 - 3.1964
City Architect in the town of Jakobstad  4.1965 - 10.1967 giving statements on building
applications. Responsible for communal building projects.
Work at
Foreign Ministry of Finland in Tanzania as
master planner 8.1972 - 7.1974
City planner and computer programmer at Helsinki city planning office 1974 - 2000.
Signed and participated in mora than 40 cityplans.
His plan is chosen to represent Finland in Venezia Biennale. 2014
Teacher one period at the Aalto University. 2010.
Opponent for a studnts house plan at the Aalto University 2010.
Teacher every year for new students at Aalto University 1995 - 2016. The relation between technical solution and artistic expression. With kites as practical experiment.
Over 3000 pupils.

Architecture work
In 2017 planned a house in Kirkkonummi and got the drawings approved
within two months.
Since 1962
planned 15 houses in Finland.  Emphasizing the wish of the inhabitants.
Has constructed and
himself built five houses.
Has planned and built his house in Kirkkonummi in 2011. The house presented in magazine as an ectraordinary fine house.
In the house are many ecological features and it is extremely cheap.
His summerhouses chosen fot the exhibition
SUOMI RAKENTAA and shown around Europe in 1969
Has participatedin a group of architects that won
second price in international competition for a tourist center in Northern Africa in 1969. Emphasized the local ethnic architecture culture.
Has made initiative to Aalro University to involve machinery and factories into architectonic planning in 2015.

Other works
He developes several inventions. The aim is to reduce the climate catastrophe.  Some 4 patents approved.

Architecture books
Ihmisen uudet vaatteet. Asuntoi vuonna 2000 - 20 000. Yksityistoimistojen Rakennusmestarit ry:
   25-vuotisjuhlajulkaisu. 1971
Tabora Master Plan 1973. With model houses. Emphasized the local African aims and architecture.
Pamphlet: Initiative to recognize the difference in architecture in different cultures. 2017
Framtidens arkitektur. 2004.
Analysis of all the basic features of building and architecture.
Upplevelsearkitektur  .1978. Suomennettu 1981. The basics of how houses are experienced.
The miljeu as a factor of local culture. The huge difference hetween Swdish cosy architecture and cold, mighty Finnish architecture.

Secretary and honorary member of Helsinki Inventors´ Club.  1081-
Member of  Artists´ Association of Finland and International Association of Art,  aiap 2005 -
Director of a club for artists in the city of Espoo. SUNA  2005- 2008
Member of artist club DIMENSIO 1995 - 2011. Exposition curator in three of their exhebitions in Otso Gallery.
Took initiative and participated in founding the local village club 2001.
Founded the local association for saving the nature, KNoM. Was director 2001- 2003 and 2015 - 2017.  Is secretary of the club. 2017 -     Has commented on 30 city plans in Kirkkonummi.
In 1963 - 1964 member of Rotary and Finnish - American Friends.
Also member of the local Museum Board in Jakobstad. (A Finnish Jamestown) 1964
Member of the board of  Kirkkonummen Ympäristöyhdistys ry 1998 - 2001.
Member of Luonnonsuojeluliitto and Natur och Miljö. Honorary member 1998.
Member of Tekniska Förening i Finland 2001- and director of their section for nature conservation  2001 - 2014.

Art exhibitions 1962 - 2006
As part of  Dimensio artist club  in Taidehalli, Helsinki  1982, 1983, 1984
      in Espoo art gallery,  Otso,  Espoo 1986
      in Pieksämäki,  1988
      in Poznan, Poland   1987
Muu Galleria, Helsinki  1989
Helsinki Richarstreet Library, 
Helsinki Stockmann large shop. 
In  Suomenlinna, Rantagalleria.   1983
In central Helsinki over the Hansa Aukio,   1982
The Nordic Kite Exhibition in 1981 on Sveaborg.
In Trondheim Norway.   1987
In Stockholm Kulturhuset,  
Ekenäs in an art gallery,
Masala library,
Helsinki an emptied restaurant,  Hungaria.
Herttoniemi in a former school,  1983
Jyväskylä city library,  1984
Exhibition moving around the USA  1984 - 1989
WG-house (Now Emma Museum)  a huge kite exhibition.  1987 
In park near Kaupungin Teatteri Oulu performance. 
On Gärdet in Stockholm performance seven years. Many medals.
On Kulturhuset Stockholm   1987
In Sola, Stavanger performance and exhebitions five years.
In Fredrikstad  performance  five times performances    1982 - .
In Cervia, Italy performances 25 times. 1986 -
In Trondheim  exhibition  1987
In Helsingin  kaupungin suunnitteluvirasto  KSV  exhibition   1989
In Andalo Italy performances three times.
In Dieppe, France performances three times.
In Marseilles performances four times.
In Ahmedabad, India performances four times.
In Weyfang, China performance.
In Seatle and in a park near Chicago performances.
In Buenos Aires a performance and exhibition.  2011
In Copenhagen performance.
In Malmö, Sweden performance.
In Gerlesborg, Sweden three times performances.
In Turku, Finland a huge performance.
Every year in Luoma, Finland a small performance.
In Käpylä a small performance.  1983
In Tapiola, Finland  performance  
I Hanko, Finland  performance
In Joensuu, Finland performance
In Berlin  performance
In Potsdam, Germany  performance
In Maarianhamina, Aaland performance.
In Kokkola performance and exhibition three times
In Lieksa exhibition and workshop 
In Cypros exhibition

Other art:
Helsinki the students clubhouse when students´  kulture days
Helsinki city center "Muu art center",
Helsinki Hansa aukio,
Espoo along Espoo river,  150 meter long sculpture.
In park near Espoo river an art exhibition.
In park in Espoo, Kivenlahti an art exhibition.
In Espoon Silta, art gallery exhibition three times.
In Lovisa in an art gallery photos and kites exhibition.
In Art restaurant in Kirkkonummi a photo exhibition.
In Eugenia Hall in Västanfjärd a photo exhibition.
In Espoo Vindängen House for old people a photo exhibition.
Some 7 artistic video movies. One is seen by 240 000 on Youtube.
Has got some 4 prizes for artistic movies.
He has made a lithophone (xylophone of stones) from natural stones.
The woices are frere from human control. Studies in new tone dimensions.
Is developing a totally new kind of music with the tones as
living beings with temperament, agressions and love. 
Has developed a snake kite with red lights for night shows.
Miniature landscapes with some dramic feature.

Suomi vuonna 2000 participated  1970
Ihmisen uudet vaatteet, Asunto vuonna 2000 - 20000. Yksityistoimialojen Rakennusmestarit ry:n 25-vuotisjulkaisun eripaionos. 1971
Tabora Master Plan  1973
Keksijäin kurssi  1976
Drakboken  1978
Upplevelsearkitektur  1978  Suomennettu  1981
Lyckans och skräckens dal  1980
Massor att pr ata om  
Lennä, lennä leijani  1981
Synpunkter på användning av stränder i  Helsingfors  1981
Svenskspråkig service i Helsingfors.  1983
Massor att prata om  1987
Kohti taiteen ydintä  1994
Better kites/Parempia leijoja (In English and Finnish)   2000
The Nazca Lines as a Marine Chart  2002.
Framtidens arkitektur  2004 (The future of architecture.)
Sommarakvariet  2011
Kite Art in Cervia  2015
Drakkonst i Cervia 2015
The miljeu as a factor of the local culture. 2017
Tavastvägen 33 skall aldrig dö. 2007- The history of a house in Helsinki
Mitt älskade Wormö. 2005 - The history of a eliminated village.
A report about service in Helsinki for the Swedish population.
Some collections of poems.
A CD and manual with computer art generators. The art is animated.
Reports about developing the seaside of Helsinki.
"Paper movies" where the picture and text on a long paper moves to one side.
A text which moves from left to right on a screen. The text appears
growing and a figure passes by etc. A kind of titterature.

Bondestam has traveled and is familiar with far countries.