Six ways to the Universe
The traditional way with a rocket.
The "sateilite tower".
(D) A big satelite moves around the earth.
(B) A small satellite is rotating around the big one from a string (G).
(A) When the small satellite is at its lowest point it is about stationar.
(C) When the small satellite is in topmost position it has about double speed related
to the big satellite.
( Red dot) A load is connested to
satellite (B). At topmost position it is released and will go into a higher track than the big satellite.

If the speed is enough the load will go out in the universe. It could go to the moon.

Preferably there could be many "satelite towers" higher up. Around the moon can be other "sateilite towers".

When in function, very little energy is needed to go to the moon. Loads will come down from the moon and loads will go up to the moon. The weights will be  in some balance.

The end of a whip goes faster than woice and thus there is a bang. With a whip fixed to an aeroplane the end of a big whip might move with enormous speed. A satellite released from the whip end will have a huge speed.
The Saab windtunnel: Water from a big pond
will fall down into an underground tank.
The space rocket is in a thinner tube and will
accelerate to a speed several times the speed
of falling water.
In the big tube of falling water can be a "piston" do the water falls evenly and not in drops.

The system needs very little energy. Wuth an electric pump the water can be pumped back in a week.

Some mine not in use can be utilized. When not accelerating too fast the corridor down needs to be about 3000 meters long. At this acceleration
man can survive.
An electric catapult can be placed on the slope of a high mountain. At first there is acceleration on a field an then wiyth high speed the rocket is accelerated up along the slope. At the top can be some system to direct the rocket.
This method seems obvious. Suitable mountains are around the world.
All these methods need additional rockets when the rocket is high up in the sky. However the most energy for space rockets is needed at the start. Higher up smaller rockets are enough.
The double centrifuge has many kinds of use.
There is the possibility to see or move into another universe. At the point of starting the wave will open a hole to another universe. In future this can be used for traffic to that universe.

The testpoint on the outer centrifuge moves fast at one moment and stops moving the next moment.

This way matter and a radiowave can be combined. A ray of this kind can fuse a
nuclear bomb from far away.

Or a neutrino and some other material can be combined. For some use.

Light can stop moving in our space. And you
can see into another universe, through this

Making the double centrifuge bigger and having
a horisontal axis you can make things ascend
in spite of gravitation. 

The whole central centrifuge has to rotate, The air
pressure has to enter as a ring, The little red dot
is the place where wave and matter combines or
wave stops opening a window to another universe.

It is also possible to make many experiments and
study the true foundation of matter as a wave
with zero wavelength.