Kabul in 1972
I had worked in Tanzania in two years with city planning in foreign aid.
The journey home to Finland went to Pakistan and there to Peshawar at
the border to Afghanistan. It was a wild journey. In Karachi we had the
"taxi" to our hotel by a small car with the floor rusted away.
We visited the national museum in Karachi.

In Peshawar we went around some and saw how they baked bred in a shop.
In another place we exchanged money. The "bank" was about 4 sqm.
The bankman had all his notes with a thread throug and the notes hanging
on the wall. We got our money.

We had to get visa at the Afghanistan consiulate. So we took photos of
us at the market. That was done by a man with a black carpet over the

We made a trip to a Greek ruin outside the town. The driver drove the car
like a crazy. And he wabted absolutely to buy my watch.

The people were much like zigers and they had a lot of horses with vagons
with enormous wheels.

To Kabul we went by bus through the Khyber pass. The narrow road was
cut into the wall of the pass. The sides of the pass were 500 meter high and
total vertical. The photos of all this will later be added.

Finally we came up on the high landscape. The border customs were absolutely
hard. Not all were allowed to continue.

So we came to Kabul. And got a room at a modern small hotel! Here are some
photos from Kabul. The country was ruled by some kind of king. Swedish foreign aid was large with some 100 Sweeds working. Around the city were
coffe bars where hashis was the main thing for sale. We did not try it.

From Kabul we visited a village and bought some ceramics. Those photos will later be added.

The side of the road from the Khyber pass to Kabul had unlimited amount of graves in the terrain.
The northern side of the city. At twelve oclock there was shot a bang with
a cannon on the top of this hill.
Kabul is famous for having all currencies of the world on its money market.
It makes business with all neighbor countries even China. Shops were filled 
with jevelry and silver.
We visited the Kabul national museum. I have memorized all that was there.
It was destroyed by the talibans.  

Our view from our hotel. This is all now gone. The place was the main bus station.
A typical street in Kabul.

From Kabul we went by Airan Air. On the airfield were some 20 aeroplanes from
1930 with double wings. Our small plane with two propellers struggled up from the
valley of Kabul and flew over a pass with only ten meters to the ground.

We flew over huge territory with dry salt lakes all places. This was Iran. In Tehran
we could not land as US air forces craved all the landing time. But after an hour
going around in the air we were allowed to land.

We slept in a luxurious hotel by Pan American Airways. In the bathroom all was
golden. This was the first time in three years we saw western culture.
In Tehran we saw a lot of Indians sitting in the park in the evening. We visited
the Iranian national museum.

From the museums I got a view of the development of the European culture.
The most creative people had lived in Iran. They made any kind of experiments
in ceramics. No other museum could show such. 

From Tehran we flew to Turkey and made there a journey around the country.
We happened to visit the coast only two days before Turkey attacked Cyprus. 
Then we wisited Istanbul and flew home.