The Living People
The treadmill slavery is also a kind
of slavery. There are always greedy
(avaricious) people who want to
have money by any means. As slavery
is prohibited they must invent some
other system.
The idea of people attached to their
 work even as they get a lot of money
means they struggle on in a treadmill.
And that is not to live.
Life is something else than working
for money and being a consumer
using this money.
Life should go on with less work
an less money.    

We want to live and we want to teach others to live. Living is NOT to be only a worker and a consumer. 
So many people are hopelessly working and consuming.
     They never have any time to be happy with other people
     or to sit down and relax.
     And their habit will destroy the earth consuming
     all nature resources.

We are not romantic. We know that life was hard in the old days. Especially for women. Today we have both machinery and knowledge.

We shall enjoy nature and art. Art makes man a man with a soul. Nature is the basis of further life.
     The hard life with business, gives no time or understanding  
     of  good art, culture or nature. The life within the city
     is hard and qualities are in relation to money, not real
     quality. Also all nature is only utilized by means to
     create money. Such a system is not sustainable.   

With very little traffic and nearly no cars, all work and all service must exist within the local village or city section.
Take care of the society. Make contact with neighbors, friends and relatives.
The climate will change if the traffic of today should
       continue. The way to manage service and a good living
       needs to have the service near the living quarters.
       Authorities don't have money for a functioning social
       The only way to manage this is by help from neighbors and
      In the cities of today about 1/3 of the population
      is people living alone without any friends. That is a shame.    

To do work is to live. All work must be designed so that it has a meaning, is decent and gives joy to those who work.
There is so much bad work done. If most of your time
      is spent doing a tight job with no joy and that is just
      to get 10 percent more work done - then that is not
      right. Making the time more joyful when working
      means you enjoy life 16 hours a day instead of
      less than 4.

Help all those who need help. But remember problems are not solved just by helping, but by planning and changing.
  Any problem will continue if the thing generating the
       problem continues to exist. We know many problems
      which will come if we don't hinder them to develop.

The biggest crime is to be greedy. To make mistakes should not be criminal as people should not aim for perfectionism, but for a human life with dignity.
Some think greediness generates activity. But it is just
        a behavior. 

Capital is everywhere. The way capital has been so far arranged for means that capital is only the capital of the selected few who are authorized with their capital.
Capital can be registered in every village and needs only a regular formula procedure.

- Avoid TV. It steals time and friends from you and is costly.
     Most of the programs are bad and then there are
       advertisements with the aim to make us do wrong things.
       There might come TV-systems without advertisements and
       where you decide what you will see.

 - Avoid traveling by car. 
     A car is not good for longer trips. It is a horrible polluter
      and dangerous like a weapon for killing.  

- Know your neighbours.
As money never will be enough for commercial social service
      then the only way to manage is by help from neighbours.
- Experience wild nature and let it exist around you.
There is a trend to kill all nature and plant some dull plants
       instead.  Such surroundings lack the richness of nature.
       There are scientific facts which show that man needs to
       see nature about all the time.

- Eat natural food.
There is a trend to eat synthetic food. Partly this makes
       people ill. We don't know enough about food. 

- Collect important knowledge on how to really live.
People just let life go on without any thoughts about
        how their life runs away. 
- Don't play computer games all the time.
    The games get better and better. Will there come a time
       when people only sit by the screen. We hope not.
- Have meals with your family.
In a society where all social relations are disappearing
      the meal might be the only time the family is together.
      Man should be social.

- Help your neighbors and be friends with them.
Man should be social and the neighbors are near
     when you need help.   
- Construct things. Repair things. Don't waste.
  It looks good to have repaired clothes. When 95% of world
  people are very poor you should not be so rich that you
  cannot mend small holes.
Don't waste. There are not enough natural resources
     for that.  

- Know flowers, animals and enjoy the richness of nature.
You will enjoy so much.

- Know the multitude of different people and enjoy this 
You will enjoy so much.

- Reconstruct family links.
The destructive forces of consumerism have destroyed
      many bonds. They still can be repaired. And man is a
      social being.

- Have responsibility for children, parents, sisters, brothers
  and neighbours.
As man always has been a social being
      then it is wrong to cut that out of life.   

- Do basic health care at home.
90 percent of all ills can be cured with small means at home.
      There will never be enough public money to do health service
      as needed.   

- Arrange systems with grandparents in similar manner as
  marriage. They belong to the greater family.
Yes - they really belong.

- There should be some kind shops nearby.
In such shops there is somebody interested to give you
    service. Such interest is extinct in market halls.

- There should be selling from cars.
It is better the products move around than that the
     consumers move around.

- "Own Product": Those who work shall have a say about
  their work and also be partial owners of the establishment.
Share holders abroad might decide to end the existence of
    the factory where you work. Still there is all the capital of
    knowledge in the place. That capital should have some
    value. One way is to have a stamp "Own Product"
    which will ensure the product is made with care and
    interest about quality.

- There is a right size for humans. Like establishments,
  transports, computer speeds, furniture, houses, schools
  and anything.
The German man Neufert studied and developed the measures
   to be used as standards for architects. These standards are
   everywhere in use. But it should not stop by this. There are
   many more objects which have a definitive size to suite man.
   Or they will not suite man.
   Statistics show that  people only walk about 300  
   meters. So never think about bigger villages or
   sectors of cities than vith a radius of 300 meters.
   Outside that are things don´t function.

- The good advertiser is the one which knows the consumer
  has a limited amount of money and thus should use this
  money in the way giving most pleasure. It is totally wrong
  to make people use some money on crap and then these
  people don't have money for important things.
The very idea is to make it possible for you to get things
    you will be happy with. Just spending money without
    any plan makes it impossible to ever get what you long for.
   And the way normal advertising is working is just to make
   you buy the wrong thing.      

The League of the Living People
There must be an end to the treadmill slavery. There shall be
local Groups of the Living People in every country.

To fight the treadmill slavery it is good to arrange a League
against Treadmill Slavery. The theme should be common to many people in different political parties.

It is like the fight for women's rights. It is like the fight
against slavery in old days. Now slavery is back and must
be fought.

The League of the Living People is no socialist party, nor a liberal party. Neither is it a green party. The League of the Living People has an ideology which was alive in old days, and was just so self-evident that nobody thought it would ever die. So nobody defined the way of life in the right terms. And so new ideologies of different kind have squeezed people into slavery. The League of the Living People will work openly and freely, not limited by bureaucracy of parties.

Pieces of advice on how to live
The fight against treadmill slavery and the idea that life is more than only to work and to consume should be fought within all parties.
Everybody can work on the problem to rearrange economy so the greedy people are stopped. And everybody can start to live. There is a need for information and discussion about what living is about.

The motor that destroys
- Continuous growth when natural recourses are limited.
- A system with shares so money is maximized where there is the largest
  profit by  impoverishing natural recourses and people.
- International prize competition utilizing poor people keeping them poor
  as well as
making all other people to slaves
    There are many methods to avoid the Motor that Destroys.
  They are related to the idea of The Living People but much more.

There is everywhere annoyance with the system of only egoistic work and consumtion. There is a coming change.

  A pool for work can function as follows:
  All workers are members.
  Long before a worker finishes at a working place, he will 
  have other working places waiting.
  The aim is to utilize the capacity of workers to a maximum
  knowing what everybody wants to do, how everybody
  wants to develop himself and has physical and mental
  capacities etc.
  However this all should be realized with the assumption
  that people also must have time to live.
    Few people know for sure what they want with life.
    Or they have rather little knowledge even about
    themselves - either having wrong fantasies or
    are depressed and think they are good for nothing.
    So there should be psychologists, not working for
    the entrepreneur but for the workers themselves and
    with good ideas about how to really live.
    The character of people is not so that some are very
    competent and others are less competent. But so that
    everybody is good at something. Somebody might have
    a very helpful mind. Somebody else again might be
    critical to everything. But everybody is needed. In
    the show of life there is a place for every actor. 

  The directors and entrepreneurs are also workers with
   their capacities.
  The pool aims to arrange maximum good work for 
  It also aims to develop establishments suitable for the
  capacities of the population. It studies actively coming
  markets and products as well as needed new services.
  The gain of this system is that establishments can freely
  take great risks without anybody ever loosing work.
  Nobody is ever without work - he will only have a less good
  work for some time. And by time everybody will have
  the best possible work he likes to do.
  The pool makes very small companies possible as risks
  even there are minimized.
  There can be a continuous dialogue between the pool and
  the establishments and the workers. Ideas and initiatives
  are the basis of development.
  The pool has also to arrange capital for the establishments
  as well as market the coming activity to get the capital
  The pool needs very competent people and good information
  about world and local development utilizing all available
  Bad decisions can generate very large problems.

A pool for work
   There exists companies and government authorities
   doing parts of the discussed system. However so far
   all organizations have done only some limited work.

   The system does not  interfere with development
   offices of companies. It has to look for the total
   market. It must also not harm the competition
   between companies, however it can give advice.

   This idea with a pool for work must develop with
   care. At first on a small scale with experiments.
Social work, work for the nature
  and climate as well as work for art,
  culture and religions must be
  integrated within the system. Today
  these activities are very haphazardly

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