The Valley of Joy and Horror
The book has experimental
stories about the future from
the year 2000 to the year 3000.
Some stories are very experimental.

Other stories try to express how man
will live in the future. 


The singing houses fill the world with songs. Their
facades are filled with living singing people, filled
with happy souls.

In a crevice are two kiss telephones tightly together.
Somewhere are two happy people.

The rocket Pegasus  lights the sky to a huge red flame
and then it flies in bows and neighs and sends blue
flashes in all directions. 

Under silvery trees which slowly and quietly dance in
the sun sit machines and men around a platform where two
colorful beings with plumes and colorful clothes jump and
dance in a specific pattern. One is a machine. The other
one is a human being.

Within an endless pit a man is descending dreaming while
the pit slowly turns around rocking like a woman.......

On an altar lies a dead human being. Pressed against the
eyes are oculars. Pressed against the nose is an oxygen
flask. Pressed against the mouth is a microphone. And from
these go lines up into the ceiling and the house where he
lies is quietly mourning and weeping.

Examples from the language for poetry. Experiments like these are lika abstract art.
There is no describing unit only the essence of the poem.

X = a siuation word
I = relation word
F = an adjektive word
R = a relic aiming at a substantive or a verb.

Some philosophical expressions:

X  XI  IF  R  X  IIF  might mean:  Death was before me, and what do I do with a death befor us.

X   IIIIIF   X   might mean: We are born and we die.

XRX  might mean: The existence. 

R(the crazy one)
XFX   might mean: The "now", before yesterday after tomorrow, oh no, just opposite.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF   R    F    might mean: the unlimited good might be the base of middle good.

RX   X    XRX    might mean: Without an end there is no existence. Or, that something does not
disappear will result in that something else comes and goes.

FFFFI   might mean: Something absolutely here and now is you. You who are nearest my heart.
But at the same time, this is the absolutele middle value.