A lot to discuss
My book Massor att prata om.
The book contains philosophical thoughts of many kind.
Like the fact that man lives in a line of time rooms and
that these rooms will never disappear although the number
of rooms are limited.

I also ponder about how man sees intelligence in animals
relative to man. And that an animal´s intelligence grows when
nearer man in development. This is a claim that around us
are intelligences we don´t accept as intelligences. That
the logic of man is just a construction and that there
exists many other logical systems man cannot understand.

The change of climate was not so evident in 1986 when this
book was written. However now we see texts like these in papers.

It started like this.
We can expect this within five years. That is about 2015.
Announcements like this will be common yearly after 2020.
Sometime around 2050 somewhere somebody is alive.