The man made paradise
You have probably had an aquarium. A terrarium is similar but dry. A humarium is a container
for people to live in. The very idea is to make it so good that man will thrive in it for generations.
Man has himself created villages with huts and lived in such for 100 000 years. So there is some
reason to try to adopt the archeologic village. There is the small brook. There is the fire place where the tribe meets and eats. The fire is in the middle of the table. (The same idea was planned for my summer house which has a concrete table.) There is the village opening surrounded by the "huts". (This I have adopted in my home.)   
Bringing the newspaper. The pillars are not sadly vertical, but like trees. Behind the
pillars is the fireplace in "the woods". In the other picture is father coming home.
Morning washing and tranquil evening in the hut.
The Golden Monks
The monks consist of former men of parliament.
They meet people in the big restaurant.
The other group consist of blind people. They
live in a safe "village" deep underground. They
are guards of the government archives. They also
are as kind of safety police. Still these blind men
keep the windows of the "monastery" clean as they
cannot see into the monks´ cells. The blind men
orientate with their hearing. They can virtually
exist wherever their microphones are placed. And
thus by pushing a knob jump from place to place.

On top of the house is a small chapel for the monks´ funerals.
As you can see there are many ideas with this house.
The high atrium house is realistic. In the same direction
is the house with homes on pillars high up. A city with this
kind of houses would look like an enormous forest. And
people would live very three dimensionally like leaves on
the trees.

The self growing house.
In a suitable area an underground train will automatically
build new railway lines. From the stops on the lines are
elements bushed upwards and grow to high thin houses.
There is added one element at a time at bottom. When
all are placed there will be pumped concrete to make
the construction strong.

The idea is that greens grow and they have a system
that make them grow and develope. Why not copy
something from that system.

People will live in homes up in the air, and not interfiew
with nature on the ground. All traffic is underground.
So man´s system grows independently.
Not destroying nature.
The tubeways meet in a center with two skyscrapers and a large
market and industrial area. The two skyscrapers have opposite
aktivities like police and gangsters.
Every apartment has
a yard and a balcony.
The small rooms are
around this yeard.
The lift goes outside.

The hot air Zeppeline for parties.
The hot air is up in the ceiling. People can stay on the floor.
Fresh air is pumped in. The stairs to the deck are heat insulated.

On the deck people can walk or sit and enjoy the view. It is really
fascinating with the world deep under and clouds passing by.
An experiment with tilting pillars.
They look much better than vertical 'pillars. Man is used to live in forests with tilting trunks. I have measured the angles of trunks of pinetrees. They all tilt about 6 degrees.
The self owned shop. That means: no man owns anything of it.
It uses outside services, even bank services. The construction is
like a primitive animal. It sucks people in with moving pathways.
Inside people pass the products and collect what they need.
At the exit people pay. The form is made to resemble an animal
as this is a prototype that later will be moore complicated.
The shop is "alive" using the profit to reproduce and grow.