Architecture ideas
Most architects just do their work. They very little concentrate on the ideas architecture is
based on. Many times formalistic ideas are presented for order to promote a project.
In my life I have mostly concentrated my efforts on the philosophy of architecture.

For others to improve.
Every apartment has a garden and top apartments have a seaview.
The entrance to the sauna (as everybody has a sauna) is from the
balcony. In front of the sauna is a small terrass for drinking beer.
On the balcony is an open fireplace as well as indoors.
On top of the apartment is storage space. This way the height of
the balcony is high and light comes in to the rooms. It is not possible
to see into the balconies of neighbours.

Towards the corridor is a porch with sight along the corridor
in order to have social control and no disturbing activity will be
in the corridor.
There is a central entrance with services.

A view along the corridor. There will be
furniture and greenery so the corridor
will not look so long. The doors from the
porch to the apartment are firefroof.
The home of mankind.
A house where all people can live. The corridors are like market streets. Workplaces are
near the living quarters. The houses are so big that the whole population of Finland will get
space on one floor.

The communication is by lifts which go in bows undergroud and upp in another place.

When the houses are built there will be mixed into the concrete the ashes of the dead. Thus
the houses are ansestors to all humans.
The house along the road 51 could have this glassfacade, The many lifts will make a fine
element in the facade. The windows are in some angle to eachother so they will gleam
with a beautiful pattern. The corridor will function as an insulation against the noise from the

Parking is under the house, Parking entrance is from the end of the house. When comparing
this house with smaller houses the use of land area is much higher. Still folks have gardens.

This is the house of the amazones, the women warriors.
Every element is so light a woman can carry it.
The elements are partly fixed with everlasting tape.
The price is about 2000 euros. In the example is a double

The house arrives in a container. There are very detailed
instructions about how to build.
The trusses are narrow and long. The house will have as
a base car tyres or similar along the walls. If the soil
moves, then the base is elastic and can be trimmed.
What is the idea with this:
It shows that a house can be very cheap. And the price depends on the fact that anybody can build it.
There is an additional price for water and electricity
connection. This will vary depending on site.

The project was done in 1971 and is still valid. New systems
for electricity and toilet make it still possible.

There are authorities craving expensive constructions for the
building companies to get money. And hindering clever
I worked on this project
for a year. There was already
chosen a factory to
produce the elements.
But it all collapsed when I
went to Africa for
foreign aid.
 A mashin is placed at the site and given raw material,
the mashine will make the house.
Sections through the center.
The cheap and easy house
The pneumatically, automatically grown
leisure center.
The entrance should be a grand. You should be proud of your home.
The high atrium house
The facade to the south and the sea.
The idea with this experiment:
A. It shows that such a project is possible.
B. It shows the idea of making the corridors to streets.
C. The lifts must just go down and connect to horisontal 
     transport of a similar kind.
D. There will still be green areas.
E. Around the world are agricultural areas.
F. The houses are 140 km long and 100 houses. Or moore.
    There are 50 floors. The houses are 500 m apart.