Funerary Chapel
This project obeys the theory of "The experience is the art."
It is a cave in the slope.
It is like an uterus, from where everybody starts his life. And here
man returns to the uterus of mother Earth, where he hereafter will
sleep for ever. It is like the entrance to a grave.
The walls are soft deep red welvet. The priest sits at the same
bench as the sorrowers, not as somebody outside the sorrow.
The dead lays in his chest in the middle surrounded by nearest
From the window is a wonderful view of the landscape with
birch trees and a lake.
When coming to the chapel, you have to bow under an arc.
Then in front of you is the cross abow you. 
The theater in Oulu
I participated in the competition for a town hall, a music house and a
theater. My opinion is that my proposals were absolutely the best ones. But they gave the prize to one who proposed a big box as
architecture. Probably a local friend. This is just how Finnish
architecture declines.

The theater expresses a novel idea. There is a big curtain-wall
in ther landscape. Halfway into this curtain is a round hall where
audience is outside the curtain and the play is on the other side
of the curtain. We have here an expression of what a play is
and what the reality is. The expression is dominating the all the
landscape. Has anybody ever expressed theater better with

Private swimmingpool
There was not much space available. But this
small pool would function. There is a bridge
to the sauna. And you can dive from it.
There is a beach with warming spotlights.
An atrium house
Here is studied the very idea of an atrium house.
The corridor is outside the house. The very house is like a kernel inside the corridor. And the
atrium is the very private center of it all.

The corridor can have glases. In the construction
the corridor is elevated from the ground and the
kernel is to the ground and further up.

Living in the rooms means contact to all the others via the atrium. But you can walk outside
in the corridor.
Rules for an ecohouse
Leave maximum
ground undisturbed.
Have solar panels on
all walls to the sun.
Let the plot remain
nature. Nature is
scarce on Earth.
Draw the tubing in
a narrow ditch.
Have car access
covered with
grass and use it
only in emergency.
Park your car
further away.

The museum of the flies.
They are small. But still there could be a miniture museum for them.
And then it could be three dimensional, as you never go into it.
Touristcapsel, an easily erectable hut for tourist villages in the woods.

There is a tripod (three sticks) istead of each pillar. Thus each "pillar" is stable.
The Capsel can be folded together to a flat parcel. Several can be easily transported with a truck.
The entrance is from the under side with a ladder.
The walls are like a tent of a fabric that is water tight but can breath.
The construction was already ordered for a village,
but plans were postponed.


The design made it look like big boulders in the
forest with one big eye each.  It is from 1971.

Villiruusu, The Wild Rose, was a realization of the Tourist Capsel.
It was possible to sell by post. Everything was in a small parcel.
A company was already ordering it.
As a kind of summer house it was acceptable. But the tight plastic walls became wet inside. The bed for four was abowe the sauna.
It was the first house on my summer place with heating.

With a zip the sauna was isolated from the living room. The wall
behind the sauna oven was from fireproof glassfiber fabric.
The porch could be isolated from the rest of the house and then
used as a dry toilet. The size was 2,5 x 5 meters. It stood on
the rocks on small stones. 
The project shows how far I made experiments totally free
from official standards. The house was officially a tent and
had not to be approved by any authorities.

Using a fabric for the walls that has insulation and could breath, then the  house would be rather good.
In the pictures it is used for a party where some dance and sausages are grilled. In the other example it is used in winter time. Then the only entrance would be through the porch. (With the
dry toilet.) Washing was done outdoors. The sauna floor was water tight with an outlet.
At a building exhibition 40 000 people
looked att the house.