Books written by Mårten Bondestam
Suomi vuonna 2000. ( Finland in 2000. ) as coauthor, 1970. The others were horribly optimistic and Bondestam was the only one who saw the coming problems.

Ihmisen uusi asunto. ( The new House/Clothes of Man. ) 1971. All people have such dresses that they can live outdoors. No cities or houses.
Master Plan for Tabora. 1973. Was in
2014 chosen to represent Finland on the Venezia Biennale.

Keksijäinkurssi. (Course in Inventing.) 1976
Drakboken. (The Dragon Book. ) 1978
Upplevelsearkitektur. ( Architecture as Experiences.) 1981. Elämysarkkitehtuuri. ( Translated to Finnish.) 1981. Sold 300 in on week.
Lyckans och skräckens dal. (The Valley of Joy and Horror.) 1980. Science fiction about the future. Developed a new language
for poems.

Lennä, lennä leijani. ( Fly my Kite, Fly.) 1981
Synpunkter på användning av stränder i Helsingfors.
    (Opinions about the Use of Helsinki Seashores.) 1981

Svenskspråkig service i Helsingfors. (Service in Swedish in Helsinki.) 1983
Massor att prata om. ( A Lot to Talk about.) 1987
Kohti taiteen ydintä. ( Into the Nucleus of Art.) 1994. Manual
for a computer program that makes art.

Better Kites. Parempia leijoja. 2000. Printed 6000. About 1000 still
for sale. Many obliterated. Sold to all continents.

The Nazca Lines as a Marine Chart. 2002
Sydostkustinfluensen. ( The Influence of Southeast Coasts.) 2004
Världsalltet som ett hierarkiskt nätverk.
     ( The Universe as a Hierarchical Network. )
Framtidens arkitektur. (The Architecture of the Future.) 2004. Page 1.
Animated Poetry on the computer. 1999
Mitt älskade Wormö. ( My Beloved Wormö.) 2005
Sommarakvariet. ( The summer aquarium.) 2011

Poems 1960. Wild poems about the future world. One about the mother who has lost her son on the internet. One about the synthetic weed. One about the author never dying when transformed into a computer.
Ympäristöparannusanalyysi. (Environment Improvement Analysis.) 1978. Two copies printed. Used by city planning directors in Helsinki
and has influenced most of todays Helsinki cityscape.

Framtidens arkitektur. Page 2.
Tavastvägen 33 skall aldrig dö. 2014
(The house on Tavasvagen 33 shall never die).

Kite art in Cervia. 2015   English edition
Drakkonst i Cervia. 2015 Swedish edition
Finnbase the Finnish colony on the moon. From 1963.