The man made paradise
Above is the Synthetic Living Space. The idea is that man has inherited some kind of place in nature where he would live ideally in relation to all
other living things. In modern terminology you say man should be a part
of some biotop.
All is centered around the fireplace and food. Then there is the small
stream of water where people wash themselves. Around this opening
are huts like sleeping rooms for privacy. At the high level platform 21 you can control the surroundings and see who is coming.            

This is a leisure center. The landscape just moves on
through the glass walls. The area is made up of furniture
arranged like some greenery. The classrooms are like craters where you come in to the room over the side.

An idea of how to live when only a man and a woman. The apartment is only
one room and has all over a soft floor to sit or sleep on. The two people are
naked like Adam and Eve. In the middle is a pond with clean water. In the
walls are all belongings as well as some machinery. So this is a kind of a
miniature Eden.

To live in a tree. To be like a tree.
My house as the models
My house is like the synthetic paradise.
There is a large common room with pillars.
There are the small huts within this common room.
There is a connection to working space nearby.
Up there is the place to recognize the surroundings from a window.
However the forms are adapted for a house of wood.