Poems 1960 as a gift to my parents
My brain was connected to ever bigger machines.
Myself moved partly to the machines.
When the researchers were sure that myself had grown enough within the machines, they disconnected them.
My organic body continued unharmed its life to its end.
I have the psyche of man. I can be copied.
The enormous brain has only an electric connection to the
light soft movement body.

I am Maboo.
Please enter an feel comfortable.
This is my house and here I have lived in 2309 years. Don't mind my similarity with man. I am a man. Also I have once  been young. But this house and I shall remain forever.
Every spring I will sit here on the stairs and the spring flowers there in the hill will bloom.

In summers I will run on the meadow an smell the flowers and hear the birds.
And I like so much the song of the birds.
So I am a man.
My tongue is a little old fashioned - I think. That's a part
of my character as a lonely man. I meet people so seldom.
Do you want to hear about my adventures in space?
But at first I will speak about other things - things that
affect you young people.

We people shall be good to each other and ourselves.
I have traveled in the skies and met evilness everywhere.
Only we people can love people. As long as we exist.
But we must give respect to evilness. For other beings it
might mean love. Every man has been given the possibility to live forever.
Because I was the first one, I have this nice.
You know the new paradise machines where the selves wander happy and isolated from the world. How far have they built their paradises from within? Do they travel by
electric lines and radio through the world? 


Sahara = sun oven
sterile sand desert

glistering plants
enormous leaves from metal and quartz
furnaces where new individual bodies are cast

yes, as long the form is functional
faulty copies will die
bettered copies will reproduce
just small changes between copies
the separate form of every individual body as norm for the offspring

form and cast = two generations

shimmering plants
life can reproduce
life that collects energy
life that grows
life that adapts

Sahara = silver jungle
shadow = humidity
will become!

In this book I have written
about self reproductive living machines in Sahara.
People inside satellites.
About the first manlike
robots for work.

About a new kind of coins and currency.
About the real need for
preserving items for
100 000 years and more.
And how to do it.
About the ever living man
in the brain machine.
About units of time. How there will be new ones.
How man became all computerized.
About numbers in the universe.
There is no difference between living and dead.
About man and what it all is about.
The reading machines.
The bad man who went all around the universe, and destroyed most of it.

There are many books like this
with ideas about the future.
And exists normally only in one copy.

In these poems I propose a combination of man and robot. I also think man can move his consciousness to a computer. The other poem shows how to make synthetic plants.