Get the population numbers down
There are three times more people than the earth is capable to support.
All natural resources are fast devastated. And all nature is filled with refuse and poisons.
Thus some decent system to reduce the world population is needed.

I think an important factor is to preserve the genetically inherited properties of the forefathers.
 That is the only way which can be widely accepted. It was not accepted to sterilize people or just forbid more than one child. That way somebody´s genetic properties will be lost.

So how about deciding that brothers and sisters all together should have only one child.
This is much more radical than parents having one child. However this system guarantees that the genes of grandmother and granfather will survive. And that is the essential thing. 

The fact is that we are too many.

So in countries with big problems this system can be just empazized not a crawe.
And in countries with few people the rules can be less rigid. Everywhere it is important to show what families will gain and what dangers there are if population is not decreased.

Children are very expensive. What can we have instead? Which will be the main lay out of families. Is it good to be married any moore?

The capitalistic society is based on a continuous growth of population and commodities. And we know for sure that that is IMPOSSIBLE. So what instead?

A main concern is how to take care of the old ones. When there are no young workers paying taxes to government, then there is no money for care. What to do?

We don´t need more and more commodities. We need
such ones that will last and which we will love through life.
That makes life worth something.

With reduced need for new things we also will manage with
much less salaries. That means there will be enough workers.
Taxes must be high so care of old and everybody shall be

If we manage to include normal activities into the economic
system, then the reduced production of commodities will
not be any problem. So cleaning your own home could
be a work! Just about all you do can be called work.
Here comes a new feature: Can nice work that you do
of free will be called work? Like taking care of yourself?
Yes - all work should be nice!

That is really a fine vision to try to make true. That is
really development. - And combined with one child
for all sisters and brothers.
As populations goes down very fast, there will be much
property and commodities for the next generation.
All people will be extremely rich!

The antidesire pill for men
There are millions of whores working as in slavery
with huge risk of getting HIV.
In many countries women have no rights and men use
them for hard work and sex.
If women could decide, they would not have children.

The problem is that men need to empty their glands of
semen several times a week. Just this only thing is the
motor behind so much cruelty, and female slavery.

A pill, or a mixture which liberates men from this need
would make a lot of good for humanity. However there
also is the danger that men would use their released
power for warfare or struggle for personal ranking.
It is also possible that culture can utilize this new power
for constructive work.  

An international pension for everyone
Men could use the pill by free will and enjoy sex when there
is good time for that and the wife wants that.

People in developing countries foster many children in order
to have somebody helping them in old days. It is known that
the number of children goes down when people can ensure
to have good old days without children helping.

So the problem in developing countries is that the government
cannot afford to give people a pension for old days.
And the world problem is the horribly growing population
where food and money is at least.
A solution to this could be an international pension for every
human being.

There is also an ethic point. People in the world are supposed to be same worth, have equal rights. A common pension for all
would be a first concrete acceptance that all people of the
whole world without considering race or culture shall have
equal rights. 

Only one of many brothers and sisters should make children.
From two families thus two people get a child together. So if there are 14 sisters and brothers all together, in the next generation there will only be one man or woman. If, like in Europe, there are only 2 sisters and brothers in the two families then in the next generation there will only be one man or woman.
This one will carry on the DNA from the forefathers. The DNA will remain in the population. And no part of the population will have less. The principe is so clear that people in many
cultures will freely adopt the system. In populations where there has been an explosive
growth, there will be a healthy decrease. Only then there will be enough of natural resourses.
Countries which do not accept this system will suffer from lack of food and everything.