The Second Connection
a theory about the universe
As we can see a far away star, we really have a mental
predefinition of what a star is.

That means. we are within the same world as the star.
In that world there are points (geometry), there is light,
there is time, there are dimensions and so on.

This means we are ourselves within a construction
where the star also is somewhere.
This construction seems to have the connections
independent of time.

So when we see the star, we realize that it is within our construction.
The light from the star comes dependent of speed and time to
our eyes. The knowledge of "star existence" is from  within our
brain and the connection is not dependent on time.

This not dependent on time might have some delay. And it is an
interesting thing to study. It is however a very fast information.
It might be responsible for the red shift, and not as so far believed
the wavelength of light in an expanding universe.
If the "logical connection" = "the second connection" is not
"simultaneous" ("time independent") then when the connection
links are billions between our brain and the star, even the smallest
delay will sum up to something observable.

The old way of thinking:  Our brain is independent from the star.
We just observe the star as information coming in as light.

The new way of thinking: Our brain is a logical construction in
a specific place within the logical construction of the universe
we experience. So when we observe the star, it is possible
only because it also is within the same logical construction
as our brain. An thus and only thus we can react on the light
coming to our eyes from the star. 

We might be able to study far away things through logic.
We might be able to influence far away things straight
independent on distance or time.
We can correct visual observations through logical abbreviations.
We might find out what gravity is. As it seems more to be
within logics than within physics.
We can now see physics as only a sector of a much larger
world of logics. And the world of logics has also a construction
similar to the physical universe. And the physical universe is
exactly correlated to the logical universe.
The logical universe might be defined as a topological construction
with all the elements in a three- or multidimensional framework.


The consciousness of man means we observe the universe. And that means we are linked to the universe. We cannot just "look" at the universe from the outside.

The link to the universe is a common feature in all man. Our consciousness is like a particle that is the same in every man. Or at least a relative.

The result from this is that we cannot observe any other intelligence which is not just a relative (however less developed) to man. The total illusion is that we will never observe any other intelligence in the skies.

The construction of the universe is dependent on our consciousness. We can only observe the universe we observe by using the links we have to it. And we can never observe any other universe.

This is not to say there is no other intelligence. All the other intelligence exist in their own universes, totally separated from our.

This sets a huge responsibility on man of today. If we destroy the earth, then there is no other earth out there. It will just be the end of everything.

A man observing the universe.
M = mother particle
Ch = child particle
BL = basic link   
HL = main link to man
F = could be a photon as illusion
C = could be some common part with mother
B = man's brain

All the language symbols are not our contact to reality ( the universe ).
Instead the logic and topologic etc. that the language symbols depend
on are our contact with the universe.
The danger of nuclear bombs.

Any moment somebody clever
will invent a system to fuce an
atomic bomb from far away.
This is statistically evident.

Reading other´s thoughts
One day I played cards with my two granddaughters.
We were all in a good and jolly mood.
I decided to test if they could read my thoughts.
I took a card, not showing it to the grand daughter Mirjam.
I asked her if she could find out which card I was looking at.
At first she said it was red.
Then she thought some moments and said it was hearts seven.
It was so.

Then I did the same experiment with my other granddaughter Minerva.
She could also tell the right card after some concentration.

Afterwards I checked that there was no means to cheat.
It was not possible to see the card in my glasses.
There was no other reflecting surface.

We had been sitting very close to each other and had been in a very common mood.
Perhaps the brain waves of my head could be interfering with the brain waves of
my granddaughters. As we were in such a same mood.

If this brain reading is possible in this way - it will change the world.

The physics of properties.

Seeing two similar coffee cups on a table means that we see two
instances of the logical, geometrical and physical properties that
make a coffee cup. But these properties exist continuously through
universe. The coffee cup exists everywhere. It is like there should
be a black film over the table. And in this film there are two holes
through which we see the cups.
The aproach emphasizes man´s possibilities instead of concentrating
on the physical properties of items.
It is also not possible to exactly define when a cup stats to exist and
when it stops to exist. That means that the contours of the holes are
not clearly cut.
Physics might better concentrate on the properties of the
"black film" than on the limitles rules existing under the film. What
makes the film? How have the holes appeared? Clearly the holes are
a result of man´s experience of time. Even the holes might define
man as an individual.