The lithophone
Movie about
I have studied thousands of rock figures.
The final result is a combination of my work
and millions of years old forms in nature.
It has been there long before man was born.

This big composition is excellent in a
modern home.
Write me whenever you
want to have some information.
I am very happy to sell all pictures.
This picture has been
loved by many on
It is humble and
suitable art for a
childrens room.
This nocturnal view is full
 of mysticism. You never
get tired on seeing it. Still
it does not give any
feeling of danger.
This is an experimental picture. On the right side you
can see Utö lighttower. It is just so faint as it is in
reality. And the sea is just so huge as it is in reality.
In the small picture the lighttower is seen.
For people used to art. A group of "hard" kompositions.
A group of very smooth rocks. Such rocks are typical for
Finland. The many millions of years old surfaces are smooth
like skin but hard as steel.
Some pictures with temperament.
The name of this "Three wice men."
A group of beautiful forms.
Arent these beautiful - say.
The idea with this are the different lines. You always
find new ones - new details. And the lines express
something. "The paths in life" ?
At the limits
     of art
Random is