These burlesque figures have some humor.
King Ubu.
Ou - its jou.
Archeopteryx defossilized.
The ship in storm in the night.
You can see two masts or
three. And the sails.
The man house at the left with
The prow to the right.
And the waves at the bottom.
Here there be dragons.
A holy angel.

A small area full of breasts and a romp.
God experimented millions of years befor man was born.
And these basic forms exist in many thousands out in the universe.
A very tired man and 10 women.
This komposiion is on a thich plate and feels heavy.
This great and wonderful composition can decorate many places.
It´s just a stone, but like a gem.
An ET, or a trophy.
My mail is
Or call me on +358 505176454.
The photos can be made in
different sizes. Also very big
ones are possible.
Of many of the art works there
exist copies. Mainly every work
is made in only two copies.
The second one for some
museum, if it is wanted.
The forms in the pictures are
not manipulated. But the colours
are manipulated some times in
order to get the details out of
the rock.