To you who don´t believe in the theory:

1. There is proof by others that Maoris extended their journeys to South America and that the wonderful land in the east was not Tahiti, but the continent.

2. The Nazca lines as a sea chart based on Maria Reiche´s map
is very strongly proved in detail and approved by professors and a well known cartographer. Andrev Lamberts´ technically
excellent mashine drawings of the lines lack the human evaluation on the site. His map has emphasized secondary lines without the critics by the human eye. 

3. The sea chart based on Maria Reiche´s does not eliminate the
many local, cultural connections several lines have. There is no
idea to disapprove the sea chart theory because of local interests. The local interests hold and the seachart theory holds.

4. Hui-te-rangiora´s travels were extensive. His visit to the Antarctics is approved by Maori professors. Such a journey would have been easiest made to the Antarctic Peninsula and not to the indifferent coast. On the Nazca sea chart are islands at the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula shown. There is also the very interesting notes of a journey to an ape which exatly repersents the star constellation at the south pole. The ape´s tail is in a spiral around the pole indicating that it represents the pole in the middle of the spiral. 

5. The name the South American indians have for the founder of ChanChan is very similar to Hui-te-rangiora. (However the theory of the Nazca sea chart does not depend on this.) The strong love of the animals and fishes of the ocean expressed in ChanChan
are very similar to Maori love of the ocean.

6. There is in the local legends in Peru that the founder of ChanChan came from the sea.

7. The citadel nearest to the sea, might have been the oldest one and it shows clear traditions from India. The citadel Dholavira is built with 1.85 cm as the standard measure. It will be evident that the citadel in ChanChan has the same. There is still a possibility to find extensive Maori DNA among tribes inland from

8. New Sealand legends tell that the refugees from the wonderful land in the east used Hui-te-rangiora´s map to find New Sealand.
My interpretation is that it was the Nazca sea chart.