What do we pay for?

Are we happy to feed a greedy man?
He craves a horrible sum he himselv decides, and we just pay him. 
He doesn´t like us.
He deals with us like creatures. 

How about paying him what WE think it is worth!
Aren´t we here living to love each other, to help each other,
to enkjoy being nice to each other.

So the real loop that happens is the "rain" of satisfaction.
And the loop the money goes has nothing to do with satisfaction.
The figure tries to show this.

The amount of money in its loop does not measure the satisfaction we get.
So what to do?
Money should be a measure of the satisfaction we get for the money.

One small change cold be: The buyer should always decide the price.
And the seller is allowed to tell how fantastic his product is.
The buyer should just listen and make his own decision. 

There can also be auctions. Several buyers compete and propose the price.
Greedy men will be poor. People who love other people will be rich.
We live to make eachother happy. And the happiness of an other man is
already a payment.

The midas coin might be the ultimate currency. It is perhaps lika a bank card but you can only add numbers in it by reducing in the other card. No external mashinery needed. At the same time there is some taxation automatically done. The government bank will have currency created by statistical aproximation.