The flowers in front of the house are so high up that you can see them from the
living room. Then there is a lawn for flying kites. The stairs down to the lawn are
large and dominating. The air heating pump is dominaiting and not hidden.

Thw different sections of the house. Only the red and grey is warm.
The house is like a ship, sailing to the east as the earth moves around. Every detail is
studied and has a meaning.

This ship is sailing with enormous speed to the east through the cosmos.
Space is divided like in a ship. The command platform is at the front (red).
Living quarters are pink. Mashinery is in the middle. Then there is the open deck and finally the stores at the back. Behind the ship are the refuse and
compost bins.

The space is also like the mental space of man. There is the front and face
and social quarters. Behind are the more private, darker areas like within
the soul of man. And far away at the end are the deep hidden areas of mind.
When walking in the house you feel the deepening of mind. 

The morning ship. Morning sunshine comes through small windows in the
east facade. The bathroom has very much light. secondary areas are still dark. The bedroom is still dark.

On a sunny day the sunshine lights up the hole living room with bright light.
The air heater pump and the oven  make part of the house nice and warm
when it is cold outside. The sleeping room can be rather cold when fresh air
is wanted through an open window. The bathroom has a heated floor.
The floor of the living room is cork and is warm under your feet.

The room can be used as a theater. There is the
bridge for Julia and Romeo singing to her.
There is the elevated stage to make your speach
from. And there are three doors to enter the stage.