Science and archeology
Intelligent dogs and ants.
Ants with empathy and a graveyard.
A seachart by Maori in Nazca.
Particles, units and geometry ideas
Logic is a dimension.

SO-influence on demographic areas.
Mankind ruled by dragons (virtual viruses).
Finnarnas stad i Bobäck. City of Finns in Luoma.
The roads on Venus. What are they?
Svenskt riksmuseum och forskning.
Swedish National Museum of Finland and research about the Swedish population in Finland.

How the Finns evolved in central Siberia
Archelogical ideas
The Finnish moonbase
Down on the page:
A 15 000 years old archeological
site in Finland. Waiting that some archelogs should wake up -
because this is fantastic and totally realistic.

Some poems with huge scientific ideas
How the universe is inhabitted.
Archelogical ideas 2
The sling shot satelite
An altar.
The human made
edge of the axe.

Comment on the Nazca theory.
The Kirkkonummi university
Using your eyes