Different cultures create different surroundings and
characters of houses.

It is easy to see when African tribes have different houses.
Houses in different countries in Europa are also different. 
There is a character fixed to each folk. Also all other things
are similarly different.

So Finnishswedish houses are different to Finnish houses.
The ethnological differences should be accepted and not

Finns have typically rigid, plain designs without decorations.
Finnishswedish people have decorations and an own feeling
of cosiness. There should be a professor teaching this at the

Finnishswedish houses. You see the aim to make the outside
cosy. There are flowers, furniture and decorations.

A rather typical finnish house, from an adverticement.
There is nothing cosy outside. The trees are looking
like dead. The aim is to make the house mighty, with
mirroring enormous glasses. The color is kept white
and cold. Lines are strict like military order. The
windows are black in the picture.

It is not possible for Swedish people to thrive in such a place.
However Finns might find it suitable.