There is no peace in the Universe
Man is living like there was no other intelligence out there.
This is very dangerous and might soon be the end of humanity.

The natural law that stronger species will reproduce and spread
is also true out in the universe.
In many places life or similar develops among the stars.
But some are older and have conquered all planets around.
They have had a longer time to develope, and thus get might
over all others they have ever met.

Thus very strong intelligent cultures domain large areas of the
universe. Man´s rather primitive ways have not got any interest
from the "Universe Rulers". Or is it so?

When an intelligence wants to utilize a planet, it does not need
to travel by costly means enormous distances. The only clever
system is to send a virtual virus to rule the silly inhabitants.
By that virus they will "develope" as is planned.
In the case of humanity:
Fiersely make war to eachother.
The most technical will develope its technology and kill other
It will construct mashinery to send something far out among the
planets. It will send the virtual virus by radio wawes around in the
universe, spread it. A radio signal is hundred times faster than the
sky rocket.  
To reach this level of technology mankind will destroy Earth totally.
And thus the "Universal Rulers" get their mission done: Spread the
virus far and wide in the Universe and erradiate the population on the Earth.

What to do?
a. Get control over the virtual virus.
b. Study the skies and find out how and where there is intelligence.
What would intelligence  look like?
There is somehow a brain. In each individe as on earth,
or a central brain with many bodies using it.
The thinking can also be structuralized with some
work done in one place and other work on another place.

A tardigrade (Hypasidius dujarini) might well be the form of an ET. It is well
suited for interstellar travel. And it does´nt look suspicious. Can sleep in
about 1000 years. Can be deep freesed. Size 1,5 mm.