Observations with my eyes.

Everybody can concentrate on what he sees with his eyes shut.
Things need concentration and training. It is like the ability to
move ears. At first the ears move just a little, but with much training
you can start moving your ears.
Long ago I had a hobby room on ground floor and the corridor had no lights. One day I saw that the wall in front of me was illuminated with a very pale light. The light came from my forehead. The scientific explanation is that the wavelength of light had changed in the paint of the wall. The warm radiation from me had changed to a faint light.


Probably everyone can experience this. And it is also possible that
the halo Jesus and holy men had was just only this. 

The light from your forehead.
The projections of your bedroom from your brain.

We know that the view we see is from the brain and not directly what the eyes observe. When you move your head, you will still see the surroundings clearly and not like lines. Because the brain gives the
views you see. 

I sleep in a small bedroom. There are bamboo patterns on the
wallpapers. I have slept in this same room many nights. So when I
close my eyes and also put a pillow in front of my eyes, I can still see the room. It is darker, but the walls are the same. I see it in perspective and moving my head, the walls remain in their right places. Curiously the walls get another pattern than the original
bamboo pattern. And the pattern changes every night. However the
patterns are repeated as they use to be on wallpapers. The wall papers are coloured. Why this experience.

The brain has for me unconsciously created a copy of the room.
And it expresses this copy when I close my eyes. It has somehow to do with the consciousness of man. Man is just the center of a wide pattern within his brain.

Projecting pictures on a white surface.

It is wellknown that some people can project pictures on a white paper. Architect Eliel Saarinen started drawing a house with details of a corner as
he saw the whole house in front of him on the paper. I can do the same.
But I can also construct figures on walls and enjoy seeing them. I do it just
with my brain and my eyes.
Observing yourself in the middle of the surroundings.

You know that you can concentrate your sight on a small area, like a
word in this text. You can also widen your view to observe the whole
page. This has nothing to do with the lens of the eye, but with your

So think about standing outdoor. At first concentrate your view on a
tree. Then look at an area with trees. And then - - try to widen your
view to 180 degrees. And then make yourself observe the whole
area where you stand. Feel beeing within the area. Your self is spread
out on all the surrounding. You get a fantastic feeling of existence.
This experiment is most successful when it is totally quiet.

The virtual world in man´s existence.

I have written about a forth dimension of rules of the universe. I have written the book "Tavastvagen 33 shall never die". I have written
being among the stones on the beach. I have written about many
virtual homes I have dreamed about. 

Somehow this virtual world exists where no time will change it.
It becomes more real when you have a memory for everything you
have observed in any day of your life. You can go in your ponderings
to any former place and live through all that existed there. You can
even wander about and live once moore and do different things than
in times long gone. Sure I am not different. There are many who can
do this.

If you communicate with others on the net, there can be a time when
you only exist on the net, and still will be very active. However sleeping in a grave. And can you feel of being like that only on the
net already now. Many people live like that. There is a story about a
mother who have lost her son on the net.

In Cervia an illusion of a TV.

I was ill and was ordered medicine. Laying there in the bed I saw
in front of me on the wall a tv-screen with a program. Then I opened my eyes and there was only the ugly wall. The dream was very
realistic and the screen was bright and vivid. My question: Can man
receive a tv-program to his brain? If I did that, then it is worth to
study how readio waves can influence the brain and how the brain
with will can organize the received radio information to a clear view.