Architecture and the city
I try to plan houses so that they are a part of the landscape.
The "urban" construction is in every aspect an unhealthy
environment. Above the constructed paradice, a village
where for thousands of years man has lived in the same type
of environment. But here the "landscape" is taken indoors.

There is the entrance. There is the meeting place around fire
and food. There are the individual huts. There is the high place
to look around. There is the brook with clean water. And there
is the place for work and construction.

This high rise building has a different number of stores with less in the ends.
Thus it looks like a hill in the landscape. Every apartment has a garden.
The house is very effective and can have many kind of services at the
bottom and top floors.

Here is a miniature apartment. The floor is soft with forms so you can sit.
On the floor is also a pool with clean water. All kind of items are hidden
in drawers. The couple is naked, being in their private home. A huge screen
is on the wall for films and communication. A food processing machine
is in the entrance room. There is also the clothes cleaning system. Around
in the room grow flowers and vegetables.
here is a culture center. The landscape continues through the building
so there is an interior landscape. The "rooms" are like craters so lessons
can go on without disturbance. To the right is a theater where cabinets
make a kind of forest. Also the library has similar cabinets. The plan has
such a historical importance as the board of the high school wanted to
throw me out of school as I had written in the description that the walls
should be constructed by an engineer. However they did not know what
kind of cooperation I supposed there should be between me and the

I had planned the wall
somehow like this.
Glass should look like
glass with crystals.
It is proved that seeing nature and trees daily makes you healthier.
So greenery should grow around living quarters and it should be possible to
wander out in real nature from your home.

All living areas should have active centers with different kind of services.

There must not be cars killing playing children anywhere in the city. And there must not be any disturbing noise in the city or
in the green areas.

Children´s way to school must be safe. Children of different age should not go the same way to school. As older children
might do ill to small children.

There shall be sunshine in every home, preferably in the living room.
Children´s play fields must have sunshine for hours the normal time children play there.

From the city shall be rail traffic to other cities and centers
There should be needed services near where you live.
There should be places to meet near enuogh where you live.
 It is good to see your children when they play outdoors.
There shouild be enough people for the services.
Work places must not be far away, but can be collected
on a area so they don´t disturb living quarters. The traffic
to work areas should avoid disturbing living qarters.