It is proved that seeing nature and trees daily makes you healthier.
So greenery should grow around living quarters and it should be
possible to wander out in real nature from your home.

All living areas should have active centers with different kind
of services.

There must not be cars killing playing children anywhere in the
city. And there must not be any disturbing noise in the city or
in the green areas.

Children´s way to school must be safe. Children of different
age should not go the same way to school. As older children
might do ill to small children.

There shall be sunshine in every home, preferably in the living room.
Children´s play fields must have sunshine for hours the normal
time children play there.

From the city shall be rail traffic to other cities and centers
There should be needed services near where you live.

There should be places to meet near enuogh where you live.

 It is good to see your children when they play outdoors.

There shouild be enough people for the services.

Work places must not be far away, but can be collected
on a area so they don´t disturb living quarters. The traffic
to work areas should avoid disturbing living qarters.
- People walk maximum 300 meters.
- In the center should be a bus station.
- Familys with children like private houses.
- The way to school must not mix with
- The center must be tight and high
  a concentration of services and   
- Houses for old people shall be high
  and   fireproof. In the center they will 
  easiest meet relatives and get services.
- Green areas shall connect houses to 

How to plan a good city
The old city planning tradition.

Houses in the center are four stores high.
There is nothing won by building these houses.
The center is spread out and needs a lot of land.
The fire brigade has ladders high enough for the houses.
Services and shops are situated randomly.
Little space remains to the private houses.

Proposal for a new tradition.

Houses in the center are around 12 stores high.
There is no difference inside the house or in the apartments in relation to 4 stores.
Balconies are constructed safe.
A lot of space is won by this density.
Distance to services and shops is small and preferably without going out.
The houses have fireproof lifts and stairs. No firebrigade ladder is needed.
Services and shops are situated with indoor contacts to the houses.
Maximum space is left over for private houses.