Mårten Bondestam , born 1935. Data are descriptive and not totally exact. 

Theory of art
Art is what you experience. The painting etc. is only the tool.  The known that art
and the known world is an island. 
New things are new islands. I build bridges to them. Inventions are new islands. New
art is new islands. I have 350 inventions, ideas for sale. I want to get cooperation

My social approach is:
I want to think freely. Nothing is holy. I disbelive all. My forfathers had traditions to think freely. 

Work and studies
I am a cityplanner. Participated in 40 different plans. Has been city architect in Jakobstad. 
I am an architect and my thesis was building economics. I hav myself built 7 houses.
For 8 years I wrote computer programs. The result is 15 programs, 10 on automatic art.   
I have made an aprobatur degree in mathematics at Helsinki University. I have studied art at the High School of art  (Ateneum) in Helsinki. 
I have studied ergonomics and philosophy of science and started my higher degree in architectur at the Aalto University. 

Fighting for the Swedish language and research
I have written a report about Swedish Service in Helsinki in 1980. It was one year of intecive work. I have proposed 30 different themes for research about the Svedish speaking in Finland and made plans for a National Museum for this group of people. I have published about five theories of scientific value. 

I am a honorary member of the Helsinki club for inventors. I am director for the Association for Saving the Nature in Kirkkonummi/Kyrkslätt. I participated in the foundation of a society for the village where I live. I participated in founding a trade union for the workers in architecture offices.
I am a sculptor. I have been director for the art gallery of the SUNA artists club. 
I have been member of the artist club DIMENSIO.  I have been curator for 10 art exhibitions. 
I have had 20 exhibitions of art and kite art. Also in the USA, Hungary, Denmark, and Norway.
Works are on show in two museums and in library of Espoo city. Five works are sold in auction to Austrian and German collectors.
I have been a teacher at the Aalto University in Helsinki, at Konstfack in Stockholm and at the Highschool for Art and Communication in Turku. 

Kite cources
I have had kite cources all over Finland and also in Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, USA and Argentina. Previously I taught architecture students how to build kites. There have been all together 6000 pupils. 

Known around the world
There are 1490 pages on Google for "Mårten Bondestam" Finland.  Had about 900 friends on  Facebook. Today Facebook is divided in sections.
I have moore than 2000 kites. I have got two patents on kites. I want to found a kite museum. I was invited to send a kite to Mars to function there as a satellite. I am constantly invited to many kite festivals around the world.
I have performed over 50 times in Europe, China, India, Argentina and USA.
There have been about 500 000 spectators.
I have arranged two international kite festivals and exhibitions with artistic kites.
I have written 10 books. The book Better Kites is printed in 6000 copies and only 1000 still remain. It is sold to all parts of the world. I have made 10 artistic movies and got prices in culture competitions. A movie about the kite festival in Cervia is seen by
180 000 on YouTube. 

1944 in Umeå, Sweden