About religion
This is no criticism of any religion.
People are very fond of their religion - it is like their face.

Let us start with the old Egyptian religion 5000 years ago.
There were learned men who started thinking about what is
our lives about, what is the world, what is everything.

At first they had little information. They started with som
basic things.
So they claimed that there are three main forces in the world.

But to tell the normal man these things would have been a hopeless task, so they decribed the forces as big men ruling
the world. That way the population got the idea of gods.

As thinking went further the wise men found more gods.

Then there came the politics of cities and tribes. They all wanted to have their own god. And they declared a lot of new
gods. Ethics and legal regulations were connected.

Among all the tribes were the jews. They declared that their god Jahve was the only god. Just like all tribes did. And by time
and because of silly politics of the Roman empire the god Jahve
got many believers. They had their holly book and most of the
stories are old Egyptian stories copied. 

To day the three main gods in the Hindu religion are the same ones as were in Egypt 5000 years ago.