You can be the happy one.

Everybody thinks that developing an enterprice needs people with technical skill.

The truth is:  That way you only change the existing a little. And all the others do
                      exactly the same.
                     To find the very new product for your production, you need somebody
                     with visions.

Think about that all the very successful products in the world were introduced by
people with just ideas, bright ideas.

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Born 1935
Name Mårten Bondestam

Some of my merits.

I am an architect.
(I have in detail studied ways of building by doing the works myself. )

I have been a computer programmer for scientific programs.
(A unique problem solver program, based on two dimensional evaluations.)
(A basic computer intelligence program, where the computer also has emotions.)
(A program evaluating coming land use from maps, based on earlier development trends.
     This can be developed to a program for evaluation of a company´s future.)
(A large program for automatic city planning based on computer logic and given parameters.)
(A program evaluating the quality of a city plan, using the plan map.)
(A lot of programs for automatic art and automatic cartoons.)

I have a list of over 350 new ideas.
(Many by observing problems in the daily life. )

I have taught ways to invent new things.
(All the new exist outside the now observed.
We have to find out where they are, and what they are.
Likes problems, because every problem has solutions - and these can be found.)

I have written my thesis in architecture about building economics.
(I have built my house of 50 sqm for 11 000 €. When normal price was 200 000€. )

I have studied philosophy of science.
(There are two kinds of truth. Some have the right figures about wrong matters and others tell the right thing.)

I have studied ergonomics.
(Finnish design is often good looking but hopeless to use.)

I use to think a lot. Facts are like candies - they might be tasty. Everything observed
can be tasted and enjoyed.