The improved
of Kirkkonummi

The Aalto university of Helsinki works for the large industry. Many professors and people of the board are former directors from the industry, and the university is paid by the industry to a great extent.

This means that research is not free and important considerations are neglected.
It is like the design sections and development sections were moved outside the factory areas.

Another bad thing is the singlemindedness in design. Furniture is not for
people to use, but for looking technically good. It is not possible to sit comfortably in chairs, but they look artistic.

What to do
Internationally there are many people around the world unhappy with the situation of a regulated research where truth is not the basic item. New never before seen solutions cannot be seen by industrialists in advance. However eager scientists have always found new sectors in science.

So there is plenty of international money to use for a good new university.
The accounting office of the university must advertise extensively in order to find these good investors.
Possibilities and proposals for a new university.
Faculties can be spread out on many existing places in Kirkkonummi. Communication can mainly be on the internet.

The best scientists from all over the world are to be involved. In some faculties teaching is not essential. But participants must be eager to develope the tema of the faculty and be a kind of workers even when being novices.

Helsinki pulls the population away from areas around.
Further away the population goes down rapidly and the
way down comes nearer and nearer Helsinki.
It has reached Kirkkonummi.

If there was a big activity in Kirkkonummi then the pull of
Helsinki would not work. Instead the local organization
like a university will make Kirkkonummi grow fast.
The faculties or topics
                                                    not in any significant order
The building culture is different in different ethnic cultures. Swedishspeking in Finland have a very different building tradition than Finns. The faculty will fight for the right of
people to live in the building culture they belong to. It is also an international work.
Scientific research about any kind of art. The art of the future is much moore than beauty or design. Art is where there is something moore than the usefulness and economy. Art is the only thing making humans differnt from animals. Art is also very
ecologic, using little energy and material and giving immense pleasure.
Studies and proposals for division into regions according to the nature and ecology. This will mean country borders could be changed totally. Type of industries and culture are better within areas suitable. Large countries like Russia, Ukraina, USA, China and India could better be cooperating areas on common matters. The EU was founded to support culture betwen countries in Europa, not for economic simplifications.
The basics of city- and regional planning. A lot of authorities around the world regulate city development in no good manner. The quality of life and the ecological quality of a region depends mostly on good city planning.
The faculty has to arrange for world wide information.
Studies of minorities of any kind. How can their needs be considered. What is
the usefullness of minorities. How can democratic rule also consider the minorities. And everybody is a member of many minorities thus loosing in many situations to the majority. The need for double woting where minorities can have their say.
Studies of traffic networks. How roads give favours to some and neglect others. The
need for democratic rule of networks.
The definition of a city. When is urban a bad solution. How can urban and rural cooperate. What do people want. What is good for the community as looking for a broader aspect of needs. International studies and international recommendations. 
How to create half EU-areas outside EU. How to make the border of EU much less
critical. How to arrange for enormous masses of people moving from too hot areas
to better areas.
Devbelopment and domestication of wild animals. Domisticating new species for new functions. Creating a landscape with both humans and nature in concert.
Creating new hunting systems. Animals must never suffer from being killed. The logic
of hunting. Animals will in nature die of old age and suffer much. How long life is the right one for any animal. Should cows be very old? Keeping wild animals healthy.
The problems with horses. Regional planning for horses. Keeping horses is very popular, but there is no functioning system when there are no routes to ride, when manure leaks out into water systems and when the system with horses dying is not well taken care of.
The future of the newspaper. De need for relevant information. The faximile newspaper coming. The manylanguage newspaper. The less need for errorfree languages. Ways to collect information.
Studies in the matter "to live or to earn money by work". Distribution of work. Solving the problem of unemployment. When mashines were invented they said that these
would do all the work and man should ......?
Homework to be included into the national economy. Womens´ work evaluated.
Why should that work cost nothing. Women can have equal salaries as men if taxation
is done so that women would get taxes back for the difference betwen womens and
mens incomes.
Archelogy of South America and other less studied areas. Combining knowledge of
different knowledge sectors and different areas. Studying later cultures that have saved something from old times. 
Developing a national museum of the Swedish speaking in Finland. Collections and plans.
The development of the service sector. The salaries are very small in relation to
peoples´ salaries in the technical sector. This because the service sector has not
developed enough. There is needed new mashinery and new organization.
Developing and monitoring a system that quarantees credibility for small and mid size enterprices. Now these important activities have problems to get suitable loans.
Developing organizations and areas for refugees. A refugee bank. Housing with
affordable loans to refugees. Utilizing the professional capacities of the refugees.
Some are bankers by profession. Some are architects by profession. And so on.
They are very capable of creating a functioning community. Select the right people
and they will start doing it. Further: Make plans for a future Middle East together with
the refugees. And make ways to make these plans come true.
Scientific education of wives about sex. The aim is to make sextrade unnecessary.
The same for men.
Educating a new type of polices being social workers without the macho appearance.
Design of cars and dresses accordingly. The police  to be a model for how people should perform. Laughing and easily discussing with anybody. Helping old people and children. Teaching criminals how living a good life is not so problematic. Accepting that people are not perfect. The school educating a new kind of polices for many countries.
Studying and teaching what the definition of an invalid is. Everybody is in some
aspect an invalid. How to compensate invalidity or even give it high status.
Developing agricultur. Companies responsible for the areas near waters. The use
of these areas. Development of new ingenious methods like growing vegetables in snow all winter. New ways to harvest even in very wet conditions. Making food from
timber bark to pizzas with a paper mill. Developing superhard wood of the quality of steel. As the trunks of the gigant trees in California hold the weight of a tree 140 meters high. Developing the timber industry to the level of German coal industries.
As timber is coal.
Research in information. How libraries will become centers of information instead of
authorities who are specialists and not good at informing.
A center for creativity and research in creativity. Studying cuious phenomenas. Developing computer intelligence. Creating realistic methods to evaluate "crazy claims".
Archeology. A local museum. Studying how the Finns developed and how the local communities developed. The archelogical base is the basement of life today and in the future.
 An institution for saving families´ valuables in family rooms within an institution.
Developing the new economy. Developed on experiences with values. Also a kind of coin which automatically collects taxes.
How to consider the whole country and not give Helsinki all favours.
How to develope local cities to comfortable centers and how to spread out
work and industries all over the country. International studies. Helsinki is not a better place than the other cities. And infrastructure must be paid for in all cities. Old inhabitants in Helsinki suffer
much when parks and seashores are destroyed by builders. It is only a
limited group that will gain economically.
Activity, safety beforehand.
There is no idea to get money from insurance when your dear belongings have been destroyed in a fire. The beforehand activity will cover many kind of safety, and studies of reason to have which kind of safety. Man needs some kind of risk. Also in order to remain ready for dangers. The results of this faculty will influence how insurance companies have to act. Also the International Red Cross needs to act this way beforhand.

The studies will influence courts and the police. Accidents happen. There is not needed any guilty person. People takingh things easy are just mentaly well when they
have a lazy life. The criminal ones are those who plan criminal acts. Also authorities
must be responsible for creating dangerous situations like traffic points where
people easily crash their cars. These people are not responsible, but the planner is.
The arboretum in Sundet. Studies about the future vegetation in Finland. Saving
dna of important vegetables. Information to people with home gardens about how
to include natural greenery. Studies about the climate changing and situation in the
future. Giving advice about what to do then.
Agency for planting trees everywhere in the world. A system against warmer climate.
Research about peace and war. What makes wars? How to hinder wars to
start. This work combined with military schooling of a new kind of army
and diplomats working for keeping the world calm. In the USA officers are
studying at universities not in military academics. Thus defence is a part
of the society. Defending the society must also include defence against
catastrophes, large fires, change of climate, diceases and so on.
A center for studying and fighting corruption. Corruption is the main hinder against
a better world, and it is avoidable. International congress in Majvik among the first
things that happens in the new university.
Developing systems with local small shops. Developing systems where shops are
combined with selling food on internet. When developing a world with a climate that
remains stable, there must not be long distances to service and shops. Developing
computer programs vith virtual shops is a way to make it. You have to collect your bought items from a nearby shop. Plans for new use of chopping centers as theaters
and sport halls.